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The men and women mixes the old practice renting a house that hire: I pitiful am
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Whether all mixing hire a form, because processing of relation of male and female is undeserved,meet, and wind up the matter hastily, others my unknown, I am dry ration arrived home.

I am at two Zhou Qian is moved rent a house newly, say with two MM(they close for A and B) for the moment hire. She two it is a good friend, I am stranger -- a new man.

All the time since our Dou Xiangan does not have a thing, be in so that still calculate harmonious. But the issue came tonight.

Tonight before 21 o'clock I one person is in alone, the thing spread out so:

Controlled at 21 o'clock, b returns abode. I am inside the room, the door is shut at that time, not lock. B pushs my door suddenly energetically, did not knock, I made call friendlily with her, greet a few hind, arrive along with her inside its room. She took new DVD, I look before her computer piece. She says to want to bathe, let myself look. But I discover she did not take bedgown to enter toilet, because look at her,took bedgown to be put on deck chair however. And she says to bathe, did not give the door of toilet lock however, it is the men and women is in alone after all, the hard to avoid in the heart has trifling idea. In baffling, unexpectedly, she is wrapping bath towel to come out to take night clothes, tell the truth, I feel immediately hot and dry. She goes toilet changes good night clothes, bedgown is the long gown of stays of a printing, silken, leaning on a bed to begin edge smoking edge and me to talk. I have kind of feeling that does not control -- become a man true TMD is irritated. Push say the film looks not to understand, reply a house.

22 when the left and right sides, b comes to me again inside the room, I did not close. Gab a few, I arrived along with her again inside the room, cheap of man true TMD. With coexist of unlined garment schoolgirl one room, feel to emerge on warm blood at that time, the face began to heat up. Exit a room rapidly.

Controlled at 23 o'clock, really dull, him go for a walk arrived inside her room, also do not know drag in all sorts of irrelevant matters some of what. At this moment A came to her phone, want to talk about some of thing with the QQ on her, I just knew original A not to come back tonight, and B is early know this matter, there was trifling idea in the heart immediately. Their video involves illicit hidden from view, I feel embarrassed wait for went down to be retreated.

Later, go actively again inside her room go for a walk two, after chat, still reply a house. It is the coke bottle that discovers how to water of a flood appears inside closestool cistern among them, a puts B says.

She should prepare possibly to sleep, discover who I do not have, my door is opening, ask: You still do not sleep. I did not answer. She entered toilet, come out to say subsequently, discover closestool cistern has coke bottle. I entered toilet with her. KAO. The fault is in with respect to the fault this. Entered toilet, feel empty to enrage the atmosphere that diffusing to have an affair with immediately. Toilet is the sexiest place in my heart all the time, look I also too pornography was changed. In toilet, after she took out the coke bottle inside cistern, my end prepares to go out as her, cannot help really, stretch one's hand go pulling her. Lose face really, did so dirty thing. She is sharp personally, throw my hand energetically, say: "Do not want to come in disorder! " glare of firm firm ground I. My head is big at that time. Still be follow at sb' heels to its door mouth, be thrown energetically by her the door is blocked outside.
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