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Gentleman of police of the story that rent a house and opposite sex of nightclub
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Came in the room that Bin of my friend of a policeman before two months says to he is hired probably dress up plump and fashionable, beautiful girl, namely popular now opposite sex closes hire, landlord earns chummage for how and lodger hires room pattern advantageously one kind when chummage of spare in part reachs at both sides again. When beginning, bin feels she is very irritated, regard oneself as the goodwife in house, often incite him to do this to do that, still have know perfectly well there is a new man to wearing night clothes unexpectedly in house swaggeringly sashay, do so that a big boy often wants Bin go out to avoid, more never mention it knickers chaos can be worn to go only when the elephant is heated up with be being enraged the day before yesterday.

Introduce Bin here: People police, the backbone of public security division, 28 years old, height 1.74 meters, weight 128 jins, appearance health is handsome, one fiancee leaves here 80 much kilometers, see every week so, two people feeling also calculates stable plan to marry this year. His this person moves besides love even if get online see news chat a little. Have a meal to be solved in the dining room of the unit, the time passes simply and the rule.

In abrupt home much a new wife perception it is fancy uneasy, but advantage is this girl comparatives diligent, not only belong to oneself and common place to clear away clean neatly, still often the smelly sock in Bin house ah, the dress ah ferret goes washing, also be cleaned so that fine dirt does not catch in house, still agree to Bin she included the following food, but charge one person half, she is in charge of buying dish to cook two people eat, one large beautiful issue is simply for this round to eating food for a long time Bin, the food that she makes in addition has level quite. Occasionally Bin comes home to suspect wrong place, and she also calculates the time that allowed Bin to come back everyday, can sniff the fried dish scent to the trail in the home always when Bin goes upstairs. Everyday Bin resembles an uncle like waiting to have a meal, next what thing also did not work, of course in the home change bulb ah electric equipment became bad be the thing of Bin. I jokingly the day that he says to present time passes so satisfiedly to solemn to pass to young husband and wife, do not want with the passing of time to lay condition, do not want the opposite sex to close hire turned the opposite sex into chummage oh, he is laughing to say impossible, but say pretty good and appearance of the other side is very sexy then again, one face is bad when saying laugh. But the man that I know the sort of seeing that color has a heart to Bin is not, and he is fast married.

Add up to the day that hire to pass very quickly, bin begins to suspect her a bit incorrect interest, she often goes out in the evening late night come back, and sleep in the home by day become aware greatly, just often rise midday cook to eat together with Bin. One day, the sprain when Bin and colleague play basketball foot, she knew very nervous care very much, still search to drop hit wine to be kneaded to Bin, buy bone to boil soup to be drunk to him, feel very warm in Bin heart, although he begins to suspect this girl does a young lady, plan to take away lest others misunderstanding, but he also has kind of feeling that says to not be clear about to her, he feels the profession that casts her does not talk, she also is a good girl, goodness of a person's mind, understanding and beautiful amorous.
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