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With close after hiring man happening to concern, he says to do not have a feeli
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The woman helps a proposal: He demonstrated the attitude to you, love need is bilateral and interactive, look according to present circumstance so, very little of your compound possibility. Return the good brother relationship previously? It is very difficult to say to be accomplished easily, there once had been materiality development between you after all. If do not want to make oneself aching, so choose to leave.

[affection problem]

With the lone man that lives together with me, actually we are colleagues before. Just be absent a branch, contact rarely so. We are not this city people. Accidental an opportunity, I should move a house. Cannot find all the time however appropriate. The colleague introduces us to close hired. Just feel the house is cleared away quite well at that time. Have the feeling of kind of home really, then with respect to take up one's quarters. Because had sufferred an injury before. Also had not wanted to want to mix so he how. Nevertheless we get along very happily really, very harmonious. Longing to return the home everyday, watch TV together with him, cook. Now and then also hit fight noisely be troubled by. Overshot happily insensibly so 4 months. March 25 is his birthday, original ready a gift. But he says him,do not spend birthday. So big. Of feel well of it doesn't matter. I should send him in hesitant otherwise. The fellow also says. Send leather belt to have special sense, still want discreet good. Up-to-date I also dare not give him the gift. But that day in the evening, we did not drink, actuation however. Concern in all but happening when, I halted, ask: Had you thought? He was stupefied, path: Had thought. Sleep. such, our whats did not happen that evening. I think we are very discreet people, think. The following day. I fail to control my however. such. We became friend of male and female to concern. Everyday he will receive me to come off work. Cook to me. I feel I am the happiest person on the world. But such happiness lasted 10 days only. April 5, it is good that I return the home to return good. Because he is in,apply for a job. That job his bubble soup. I feel the likelihood is him the mood is irritated, his not very managed that day me. The following day he also got online. Why do I ask he is opposite suddenly what I look cold and indifferent? He says the likelihood is too tall to my requirement. I ask: Be not quite satisfactory to me? Answer: Can say so. I am very long did not talk. How? this says too overly. I am sorry. I say. Asked your heart the opinion in that day. You do not agree to say all the time. Say today. Part first. Such is opposite everybody is good. True positive is in me together to just discover this is not the feeling that I want. Not be the sort of feeling to your feeling. And I also do not know what I can give you. I think me or need a psychology to compare mature person to be beside me. . . . . . I am sorry. That momently. I say not to come out is what feeling. Feel only in the heart very painful. Very painful. Do not have a few days. I went down with respect to depression. So decadent that attracted poisonous person like. Also be in this moment ability discovers. So oneself are love him so. Love him so all the time. So fear to lose him. Although his whats are done not have.
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