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New cohabitational era: Mother Wu says to be able to bear or endure a surname of
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Maiden live together, the opposite sex lives together. Live together nowadays this act that gets dispute quite had new trends again, two pairs of lovers live together one room, share villatic, racing bike... we entered new cohabitational era. Live alone doleful, need domestic sense, it is the main reason that new white-collar lives together probably. Is living together with parents so the feeling that can you search the home more? But in covering a process, although everybody feels doleful,the reporter discovers but be willing to be the same as with parents without new personality. New mankinds feel, point of view of the lifestyle with parents, consumption is very different. Can go at the same place with the friend for instance bubble, and parents can prevent you possibly to go only bubble.

The youth feels to be consumed ahead of schedule is very good very normal also thing.

1 consume ahead of schedule

Mr Dai: Programmer; Stone young lady: Administrative assistant.
Summerly gentleman: Programmer; Miss Cao: Sale assistant.

Two pairs of lovers were in Nanjing early 1998 the house that wintersweet mountain villa bought a big to jump a layer lives together. Speak of two reasons that live together, mr Dai says the reason is very simple, basically be to want to be consumed ahead of schedule. Mr Dai had a job 1996, working hind hires a house to live outside all the time. Mr Dai wanted to buy a house 1998, can wear gentleman and cummer monthly pay at that time gross ability 4000 yuan, the saving is not much also, buy a house not to think. Mr Dai and have the idea that buy a house likewise, but the summerly gentleman of same economy insecurity discusses, decide two people offer a room together. Such not only head the problem of period money was solved, the month offers 3000 yuan to also become very relaxed, still can regarding as is two people's joint investment.

Now Mr Dai their house has appreciated, the salary of Mr Dai also broke up severalfold. The family also is in gave feeling, also hate to part with departure again, everybody was preparing to sell a house to buy villa in the suburb, still have Polo car, had shifted to an earlier date " soup mouse " (the life of Townhouse) .
2 because of loneliness

King gentleman: Art design. Miss Zhao: Article table is engineered.

Mr Li: Network management. Land young lady: Administrative assistant.

Mr Wang and it is the most general in new cohabitational mankind that the cohabitational reason of two family can say Mr Li. Two pairs of lovers feel to live together with respect to two people too doleful.

Mr Wang, Mr Li is college fellow student, be in together again after graduation an unit worked 5 years, absolutely iron brother. The life of this family is very comfortable. The residence of 248 square metre, closed a door to become two independent houses, opened the door to become a family again. Two madams make the morning by turns breakfast, who arrives home first in the evening who makes dinner, or it is everybody goes out to have a meal together. Encounter two gentlemen to work overtime, two madams chat together or be to shop, also too won't doleful. Double cease day two madams shop, two gentlemen seek a market around tea company looks a newspaper to chat, wait for a madam to shop to come home. Or it is to hire a car to go to a suburb playing together, the person plays to one's heart's contently more, economy. If Mr Li works overtime, a person is in land young lady also won't doleful fear.
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