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Hire a room to live together change love to offend will spend cummer of wife of
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Reporter: Li Tianchun

Tell about a person: Jing Ru

One spends season girl, when reading second year in high school, with big her man of 4 years old loves each other, abandon attending the university entrance exam. After loving each other 8 years, when just when she is looking forward to happiness,coming, know the man that her place is loving greatly, had had oneself wife and child. Wrapping around the man of softhearted veil, cheat her bruise again and again, leave this to give birth to the interior scar that effaces hard.

Yesterday, she says when accepting a reporter to interview, that cheats her emotive man, cheating other women again, she wants to speak out her lot, let other and pure girl weigh her road no longer.

The beautiful ballroom of first love blossoms

No matter love with by love, love a bitter pill to swallow that the ties goes early, only oneself sample.

, I am the outstanding student of second year in high school of some key middle school inside city, domestic economy is more bounteous also. In the age like beautiful season, I have a lot of good dreams, include to attend a college.

Like other girl, I what be in adolescence, the hope can encounter situation having ability brilliant Bai Ma is princely, deduce a paragraph of beautiful love jointly with him.

After last term of second year in high school begins before long, my love, love comes too suddenly, let me some unaware.

On October 15, 1999 in the evening, I follow watch elder sister to dance to ballroom of Home Jiang Beiyi. After entering dance hall, me the idea is simple, sit in ballroom one horn, dare not dance with new man. And the interest that expresses elder sister is very high, invite to new man, won't refuse commonly.

I discover a young man, seem to have good opinion particularly to expressing elder sister, invited watch elder sister to jump continuously 3. In when resting, the mobile phone that expresses elder sister rang. The elder sister that take the advantage of a watch goes out when picking up the telephone, the young man that invites watch elder sister to dance goes to the side of my, very gent ground requests to sit down.

First time and socially new man gets along alone, I appear a little nervous.

The appearance cannot say of new man is brilliant, but also look.

I never expect, talk feeling the romantic clue in the novel, in chatting with new man in me, begin to become reality actually. All very rich poetic flavour, beautiful encounter, such with my meet by chance.

New man tells me, he calls Gu Jun, it is the security personnel of a company, 21 years old. I and he talks very congenially, begin to ripple in the heart a dimple. Muddle-headed in, I began to fall in love with him, frightened even myself jump. $page$

Abandon the university entrance exam for love

I think meet Gu Jun, found the happiness of own lifetime namely. In fact, what I find is not happy, however a bitter pill to swallow of a love.
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