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Shenzhen is new cohabitational times: "Belle and beast " favorite close hire
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Shenzhen is very young, there are a lot of youths that come from countrywide each district in this city, they fly to this city like bird, before bird's nest has not been built good, fly tired bird always should look for a branch to stay first: Oneself are put down inside a certain rented house. From economic consideration, they often a few people close rent one suite, have male have female, of contemporary person for " new cohabitational era " .

Be in Shenzhen, be wrapped by agitation of this new cohabitational era the statistic of person have no way that nip crosses, xiaoqin, small firm, small its 3 people, it is 3 spoondrift in this agitation. Two years " live together " the life, let them be become from stranger most of iron " brother " .

"Conspiratorial " sheep of go ahead of the rest is entered " wolf nest "

Oneself and two men before mentioning two years are together " live together " day, play of small the Qin Dynasty says is belle and beast person of the same trade, "Nevertheless, we get along very harmonious, and very amused! " in small Qin Kou " beast " , one cries small firm, one cries small its, "Say them two it is a beast, be joking, actually of two individual Dou Man's handsome boys. Actually of two individual Dou Man's handsome boys..

A day two years ago, xiaoqin's friend is young alizarin red say to a few friends leased a building jointly, have an empty house among them, ask she wants not to want to be moved, "Just know later, small alizarin red call me to go that empty room, it is completely ' conspiratorial ' ! " so, beforehand small alizarin red with " beast people " delivered poisonous pledge, say to must help them look for a beautiful MM to partake chummage.

"At that time, I am one individual responsibility a two rooms the chummage of two office building is anxious, listening small alizarin red description, the decision accepts friend proposal. The decision accepts friend proposal..

Add up to the building that lease to be on blessing cropland of the pace one uptown inside, 3 rooms one hall, two small had had house-owner, an intermediate the biggest room left Xiaoqin, additionally two, what live at the same time is small firm, what live at the same time is small its.

"When I step into a room, was to frighten really jump! Too random, do not have a place to insert a foot simply! " the sitting room is original very big, but was lain between a clapboard, it seems is to use soundproof, besides a piece of tea table, with a television, everywhere stack equipment. What pile at the same time is the musical instrument such as guitar, piling box of CD machine, VCD at the same time, socket is completely on the ground, in disorder ground catchs all sorts of electrical wiring, be about not carefully to blunder.

Small firm hair is very short, the person is very poor, small its hair hangs down to go up to shoulder, the figure of melancholy of a pair of artist. "The room is a bit random, but pattern is right, the key is two boys very pleasing to the eye, I issued determination. I issued determination..
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