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Male female unripe vivid same eave hires a room to accomplish good the fate brin
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One, rent a house for the first time, when fresh and curious joy remembers just coming to Hangzhou to work, probation salary 1000, this price returns what not be lowest. But for individual safety problem, the heart below my firm is in ancient swung a bay to rent a room alone, still take a toilet appropriative, chummage is 480, I feel strange at that time expensive, but know this price does not consider Hangzhou expensive later. Began my poor from now on but the Hangzhou of happy freedom lives.

2, rent a house the 2nd times, insert willow Liu Chengyin involuntarily soon I move a place, I close with classmate of my high school and her classmate rented a two rooms the farmer room of one hall, this also is helpless lift, it is for the classmate have a coordinate together, and lively, 2 be for chummage petty gain of course, after I become a full member at that time salary also just 1200, how enough flower. So although that place slants quite, go to work no-go also, should take a lot of gift to public transportation station, but look to go up in the face of chummage, bore. But this also traded a profit, because walk along a lot of every morning, winter hands or feet got after taking exercise, give out heat, the chilblain that I gave birth to ten years actually with respect to such miracles like good, and from the back also had not grown a few years again. That moment body is good also, the job has interest particularly, psychosis is very good also, the fact proves " life depends on motion " this word is right.

But happy dormitory has lived not for a long time also. Wait for each respect reason as a result of the job, obtain employment, study, these my classmates go straight towards a thing each, abandon my person to living this two rooms one hall, of course chummage of what all my person is assumed. How to do, change a house too troublesome, and oneself also do not have time to search, although went searching inside short time,also can not find appropriate room surely, the money that pulls much day one day. I am really fraught at that time. Primary responsibility does not rise a person lives, so best method is to look for a person to live together, help me partake next chummage, but the thing that this also is a special trouble, disposition is bad, the person with bad habits and customs I am overcome, if be stranger that more not was at ease. Be in this the moment of truth, the Laogong that male hero is me appeared. Right now I remember in a word that has seen on what book I adapt: In right time right place appears the person that right person has a predestined relationship to have a share namely.

The introduction leaves my husband now, he is the friend that my work in the same placing knows, I look for a person to close when hiring, he is wanting to move, adjourn lives, do sewing work via my work in the same placing, agree to see a room, the first time that had us next meets setting. Because he is a schoolboy, so I all the time in fear and trembling, be afraid of open the door to a dangerous person, but after meeting, I dispelled this worry. Meet and discuss of our first time is in the late evening, still issueing spit, the face that I did not face up to him (unless I just can stare at especially handsome man,the someone looks, ah, a bit randy) , thick thick shoot a glance at issue him, build is not tall, thin poor figure, a bit hidebound, wearing glasses, dress is not very conspicuous, typical from morning till night is immersed oneself in at the IT person before computer (the notion that also confirmed me later) . The first sense that he gives me is introversion, frank, have bit of Mu Ne even, the heart that then I am hanging was put down eventually, then I am taking him 8 abduct ground finds 7 abduct the house that I stay in, after he has looked although do not have dissatisfactory, but also did not say very satisfactory, then I say with him with thickskinned: "If you plan to come in, be moved with respect to breakfast, my person fears quite " . Of course this also is true word, that place really too slant, the laborer is very much, and come home must grow long lane through child, when a person goes in the evening very nervous really. Perhaps be this my word, aroused him to serve as a man due " the hero saves the United States " courage and sense of responsibility, then he moved in after a few days, he stays in big room, I live cubby, chummage it is he pays much of course, I pay fraction, just have break fairness just, the affirmation that is in an unfavorable situation of course won't be me, ah, bully him at the beginning, and this is only begin. We are awaited in those days also was follow the fashion to enter new cohabitational era.
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