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The house property card that hires a room not to see the other side is cheated 2
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Want to seek fee of intermediary of the brushstroke below house province on the net originally, did not think of to fall into the trap of cheater however, for nothing loss 2000 yuan.

A few days ago, ms. Wang is in this locality sees long abundant on a website flexibly golden inlet village has a house to rent, one each says the person that surnames Xu just is sent. See the condition is quite appropriate, she contacted opposite party immediately, agree the spot sees a room. After seeing a room, ms. Wang is more satisfactory to the house, express to be willing to be hired among them one, every month hire 500 yuan.

Subsequently Ms. Wang and Xu Mou signed the agreement that rent a house, copied Xu Mou's Id. Ms. Wang takes out the hire of 3 months and cash pledge to wait, add up to 2000 yuan gave that Xu Mou, xu Mou also gave her door key.

When when Ms. Wang preparation moves the thing into the house, there are several people to be in inside discovery however, among them a middleaged man is taking card of a house property to tell her, he just is true landlord, that Xu Mou just paid 500 yuan deposit to him a few days ago, took the key first, saying is the contract renting a house that passes a few days to sign emend form with oneself again. Did not think of he played the game that had bunco to come. Lady of more than king, still several people were cheated as much. To police station the newspaper concludes the case on Ms. Wang horse, the Id of that piece of generation that is informed Xu Mou however is false at all.

As we have learned, the information that rent a house is sought on the net more convenient, quick, can get in touch with landlord directly commonly, 100 yuan several intermediary expends leave out, the favour of the person that be rented a house not less. But these websites are information releases platform only, the authenticity that cannot cease to Fang Yuanxin is responsible. A few cheater use this flaw bunco. Police reminds the person that rent a house to should choose to have the house property medium with certain dimensions, good reputation as far as possible, when seeing a room at the same time, the person that let rent shows property right evidence or be reside to community appoint meeting, property or the property right condition that neighbour place knows a house in detail, lest be duped.