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Building intermediary practitioner rents a house from inside story of a plot exp
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Building intermediary practitioner exposes to the sun oneself trade shady deal

Arrive again graduation season, big reap some profit of itch to try of as usual of cheater of intermediary of a few buildings. The Xiaowang that having experience of old building intermediary tells a reporter: "The student it doesn't matter of strong finish school hires room experience, be eager to renting a house again, be deceived the most easily. " according to old experience, xiaowang sums up a few big deceitful trick of illegal intermediary, remind the person that rent a house to avoid to be duped.

Legerdemain one " empty room " make cost of bait diddle information

"' always install li of subway the one-room flat around, all sorts of furniture, electric equipment is all ready, decorate exquisite, hire 700 yuan. ' this is bait, pay information fee to cheat you, the price with the so cannot low building of that a sector of an area! " Xiaowang says for certain.

The reporter will to this company be located in the office spot of unitive lake, just sat down to receive an agreement, roughly content is must hand in 300 yuan of information to expend ability to see a room first. But when the specific position that asks this the house when the reporter, the other side fumbles however, take out other house information to let a reporter be carried again.

Xiaowang tells a reporter, that house is actually basic nonexistent, just cheat you to go to a company " bait " . And the information cost period of efficacy that mentions in the agreement is a year, they meet meantime provide information of source of a few rooms to you again, but or position is bad, or price on the high side, anyhow, cost of 300 yuan of information is handed in basically in vain namely.

See action tear open action: Normal building intermediary sees room level do not collect fees, a month or half lunar chummage regard the collection after coming to an agreement only as intermediary pay.

Intermediary of diddle of break one's promise of 2 false landlord expends legerdemain

According to Introduction Xiaowang, a little illegal still intermediary more " brillant " , hire an appropriate house to make stage property first, look for a clerk to pretend to be landlord from company interior next, quote far under market price case. The shopper looks room satisfaction and false landlord the lot issues a contract and pay after intermediary is expended, that false landlord finds out all sorts of reason not to agree to rent. And at this moment when the client looks for a company to withdraw fund again, the company can say both sides already signed the contract that rent, intermediary service has been finished, landlord belongs to home remedy break a contact, intermediary cost does not grant to return.

See action tear open action: Landlord must let take out house property card and Id original when renting a house, the Id of the name that examines person of the property right on house property card and landlord is consistent. Carefully watch what sb is doing and saying wants when seeing a room, for insurance for the purpose of, return the true identity that can examine landlord, and to its the unit seeks testimony. $page$
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