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Complete disinfection answers before the healthy hidden trouble that hires drear
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Hire room door cent to be a variety of

Have those who rent village house, the; that rents farmer house has one person to be hired alone, family is hired together, also have close with the person hire. If rent village house, because have special property administrator government, village sanitation state compares good; relatively and rent farmer house, wholesome state cannot make sure; is additional completely, if a person or family are hired, close compared with a few people those who hire for, wholesome situation is opposite also better. Because hire housing environment personnel of the person that hire is complex, complex, disinfection appears particularly important.

Rent the room is put in certain wholesome hidden trouble on one hand, the healthy; of minatory resident is to hire room door however on the other hand consciousness of general and wholesome disinfection is thin. Job of rental room disinfection is very main, especially a few people in the factory add up to those who lease one part, wholesome disinfection is attached most importance to especially should. Alexipharmic purpose is to kill infect a source. The householder of rental room changes again and again is a common phenomenon, perhaps your neighbour is surnamed today king, will become surname plum tomorrow, this is constant some thing.

Hiring room door to know to be before this without method is what kind of person rented this room, whether infectious to former resident disease also have no way is witting. If you and others exchanged housing, should undertake alexipharmic before be moved so. Because of the place such as the wall of the room, ground, the likelihood is stained with a variety of bacterias or virus. According to studying a proof: N/med tuberculosis bacili is in dry phlegmy in can live of half an year long after; anthrax bacili, tetanic bacili forms bud afterbirth can not die several years. Although there is contagion person inside former housing, have healthy carrier possibly also. According to statistic, there are 12 people to contain dysenteric bacili in every 100 healthy people. Accordingly, it is very necessary that the ongoing travel of the housing that moving exchange is disinfected thoroughly.