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When the lesson of tears of blood rents a house, should beware more handsome hos
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Wanted to graduate immediately, also found the job, want to lease a building outside, come can move the thing of the dormitory slowly, 2 will also be used to next person to live. Say intermediary is black all the time on the net, I also do not have so much money to pay medium, sent on the forum of public praise net beg hire stick. Cannot think of to immediately a netizen says to have a house, want to close with me hire. Ask, discovery still accords with my idea completely, but combine the word that hire, should see neighbour how. So I agree with him, see a room first. Cannot think of, that netizen is a Mm so, and return pretty good-looking (think at that time! blind of the eye! ) . Previously very envy those men and womens to close hire, man, should protect beautiful emissary of what, result...

That schoolgirl says she is the undergraduate of brotherly university, unaccustomed live the dormitory, be moved, still say this house-owner has bit of what kindred with her, assure to be no problem. I think at that time is a student, and still be Mm, always cheat me impossibly, signed an agreement, still gave her 3 months hire and cash pledge (originally she wants half an year, nevertheless I say the place of beautiful recently money is too much, short of money, she returns pretty to say loathly is kin of ability accommodate to sb, now is avaricious really presumably! ) .

Passed a few days, I move the thing slowly, but discover this Mm does not have reappear basically to pass unexpectedly, was cheated with respect to him suspicion. My short message she, she says is to jackaroo, I think also is, feel oneself are in charge of bit morer, anyway him occupy will go.

Know to do not have occupy to come a few days, one came maly, say oneself are landlord, let me move out. I still want to be maintained forcedly at that time, the contract that as a result that person signs oneself and that woman student ah, the certificate that still has oneself ah, proof ah take me to look, I just did not have a word to say, be forced avowed and hapless.

Come out to lease a building for the first time, was cheated... send, carry to everybody wake. Do not think the other side is a schoolgirl, believe her easily. Still be Zhang Moji what his Mom says is right, prettier woman can deceive people more!

The netizen follows post:

Yu Lan is sweet: That you avowed and can hapless.

Hllcrystal: I am to remind others, miserable experience of the classmate.