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The house was not checked and accept with respect to too impatient to wait the r
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Be owed to hire originally, evidential authentic, win the lawsuit in sight, did not check and accept via complete because of hack house however, be sentenced by the court the contract is invalid. Landlord engages in a lawsuit because of this beautiful money would you mind, do not obtain 16 thousand yuan of penalty due to breach of contract finally.

Zhou Mou is person of Dongguan city the city zone, the year before last year will be located in the building that cereal of 10 thousand rivers emerges to rent Liang Mou is used. Both sides has talked, lunar hire is 8000 yuan, liang Mou pays two months to Zhou Mou hire serves as 16 thousand yuan namely honor the agreement bail.

After a year, liang Mou begins to default hire again and again. Zhou Mou is sued to the court, the request removes contract, ask Liang Mou pays default hire, think oneself need not retreat Liang Mou 16 thousand yuan honor the agreement bail.

When first instance, the court thinks, liang Mou defaults hire, already made break a promise, adjudicate the lawsuit that supported Zhou Mou requests. Liang Mou refuses to obey court decision, appeal then.

Because the room did not check and accept lodger win instead of lose

Liang Mou says during 2 careful, although he is to have,default hire, but Zhou Mou house is checked and accept without complete, because of the premise condition that this contract concludes, bilateral contract is invalid, accordingly Zhou Mou also has no right sequestered bail.

Recently, classics Dongguan quadrangle 2 careful, the court thinks, this building is checked and accept without eligible complete use with respect to consign, disobeyed " building law " and " contract law " regulation, the contract that so bilateral place signs belongs to invalid contract. Liang Mou used this building actually, use cost consults the lunar hire that the contract agrees is calculated 8000 yuan. Additional, zhou Mou takes 16 thousand yuan of some earnest money according to invalid contract, should return return Liang Mou.