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Buy a room to live or hire a room to live " purchase marriage house " difficult
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The condition buys a room to be inferior to renting a house not quite

Case one: After Mr Li university graduates, work to already had more than 6 years in Shanghai, hold the position of in a planar media at present collect arrange the job, lunar income 5000 yuan. The girlfriend is smaller than him 3 years old, do a design in an ad firm at present, lunar income 3000 yuan. Two people love 3 years many, entering talk about marriage talking to marry level, bilateral and respective deposit adds parents aided financially, have 220 thousand yuan of ready money in all.

The expert raises action: So small like Mr Li have the stockpile, for the youth that domestic month income is not worth 10 thousand yuan, if want to buy marriage house, can consider to choose only 50 those who reach 600 thousand yuan is secondhand room. With total prices 600 thousand yuan secondhand the room is exemple, head Fu Sancheng needs 180 thousand yuan, 7 combine loan into 20 years 420 thousand yuan, lunar reimbursement specified amount is controlled 3000 yuan. Increase the each tax cost that buys a house, still have decorate, acquire home appliance furniture and the charge such as preparatory wedding, the economic atmosphere of Mr Li will appear because of buying a house have too many problems to deal with. Current and secondhand on room market, of this one price secondhand room room age longer, room structure is poorer, or it is situation opposite relatively slant. Mr Li was carried very long not gratified. Accordingly, the expert suggests he mights as well consider to hire room marriage first. Recommend a sector of an area, circumjacent environment to wait for pretty good Tian Lin area, hire of two rooms month is controlled in 2500 yuan, the easy that assured daily life already is measurable, need not begin prematurely to load heavy room to shift pressure again. The economic condition good place that has waited for young couple a few years, work to go up again after a step, consider to buy a house again in those days actualer.

Lunar income crosses 10 thousand preemptive rooms to be improved again

Case 2: Mr Zhang this year 29 years old, the graduate student graduates, it is the sectional manager of an IT company at present, lunar income 8000 yuan. The girlfriend is schoolfellow alumnus, work in a stockjobber at present, lunar income 6000 yuan. Two people today bright two years of plan marriage, prepare to purchase marriage house, cash of bilateral and aggregate governable adds parents aid financially gross 600 thousand yuan.

The expert raises action: Like Mr Zhang such domestic month income pass 10 thousand, for the youth that has certain economy actual strength, near line of the link in when buying marriage house, can considering to choose secondhand second bridal chamber, total prices is in the 100 two rooms to 1.2 million yuan relatively moderate. With total prices 1.2 million yuan house is exemple, head pay 400 thousand yuan, 7 combine loan into 20 years 800 thousand yuan, lunar reimbursement specified amount is controlled 5500 yuan. The cash on the hand is deducted buy room head to pay outside be being expended with each duty, the rest of nearly 200 thousand yuan are used at decorating, acquire furniture home appliance and preparatory wedding should be unchallenged. If had baby,pass a few years, economic actual strength rose again, can consider to change a 3 rooms again, improve living condition stage by stage. Expert proposal, have the family of certain economy actual strength so like Mr Zhang, can will buy a room to serve as first selection. Come so, there was the new home that belongs to oneself already after marrying, avoided to rent the not stable factor of the room again.
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