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The building rents much hair of swindler a criminal case to buy the person that
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15 days learn from the Ministry of Public Security, near future building is rented, the crime such as bilk of sale market contract presents much hair state, the case appears amount of record giving experience number of big, fall victim is much, involve an area wide wait for a characteristic, the belongings security that endangered people badly and society are stable. While public security mechanism is increasing strength of pair of blow of this kind of crime, remind broad masses to raise vigilance, beware be duped.

If why is masses undertaking the building is rented, avoid to be deceived when sales transaction? Police reminds ought to notice the following 4 respects.

It is the aptitude that examines estate to develop company of business and intermediary. Development business must be had " 5 card " , namely state-owned land use card, construction plans with the ground licence of licence, construction project program, construction permit and commodity house sale (open to booking) licence. Be engaged in estate seeking advice, evaluate, the intermediary company that broker serves also must have corresponding qualificatory attestation.

The 2 authenticity that are property right of house of careful make the rounds of the wards. The orgnaization can be registered to undertake inquiring to estate before the autograph orders room contract, whether as consistent as the person that register, building handles the true bogus that checks house property card, person selling a house guaranty is registered wait for a circumstance, lest buy,do not have the building with property right or open to question property right. Because covet petty gain falls,do not enter " true room false testimony " bilk trap.

3 it is the false advertisement that vigilance entices people to be engaged in real-estate project investing with freeboard profit. Face the conduct propaganda of this kind of advertisement of all sorts of media, want to accomplish discretion identifying, reason is judged. Should undertake checking to concerned branch before investment, wait whether as the specific content that the authenticity that includes an item, project develops, consistently as advertisement conduct propaganda, do not invest blindly to seek get one's own back of high specified number.

4 it is to beware trade in the contract " clause of Xiang Yu the Conqueror " . People depends on psychology to intermediary company widespread presence, very few to the contract that they had drafted beforehand demur, often give a criminal an opportunity that can be exploited to sbs advantage. Answer to read contract article carefully before signing a contract, beware of among them disclaimer trap, in case oneself adds up to right beneficial to be damaged.

Current, public security mechanism is being rented in the light of the building, crime of bilk of sale market contract undertakes the key is hit, the Ministry of Public Security puts forward to welcome broad masses to inform against clew of this kind of crime in time to mechanism of local public security.
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