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Beg hire a guest to discover clue inadvertently thereby dream of accumulate weal
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False landlord cannot discover electric lamp switch

Those who let two false house-owner show original shape is one is begged rent a settle or live in a strange place. Last year on October 24 morning, want to lease the small advertisement of the paste on the street of Ms. Wu basis of the room, come in house of Huaweixili. "Landlord " Mr Huang says lunar hire 1700 yuan. After reaching a room, mr Huang takes out house property testimony, take Ms. Wu to see each rooms next. Arrive when the kitchen, ms. Wu requirement opens the lamp, but " landlord " cannot discover electric lamp switch unexpectedly.

"How doesn't oneself house know switch? " Ms. Wu is taking doubt to see a room. Couplet thinks of the market that rent a house often produces beguiling job, ms. Wu still abandoned finally renting this suite.

Hire a guest to be touched innocently on true landlord

That day afternoon, ms. Wu changes to be browsed on the net seek the information that rent a house. Suddenly an information attracted her, because of among them situation, condition with what see in the morning exactly like, just contact factitious king gentleman, yellow gentleman of and rather than.

Stem from curiosity, ms. Wu calls Mr Wang, say she has seen a room, those who recieve oneself is house-owner yellow gentleman. "How likely? I just am true house-owner! " phone another Mr Wang mood is anxious. "I had treated house property disease, the name above is surnamed really yellow. " Ms. Wu continues to explain say.

Mr Wang instantly hang up phone. He feels very strange, obviously oneself just rent several days ago Mr Gu, the other side cannot be so fast relet, and have house property card absolutely impossibly.

Landlord of true and false confrontations face to face

That day in the evening at 7 o'clock, mr Wang and wife had discussed to go the room looks. The wife calls Mr Huang, ask to house property disease treats along with all the others when seeing a room. Mr Huang agrees at once, in the house that both sides reachs Huaweixili after half hours.

Be without when Mr Huang guard against when the ground takes out house property testimony, the wife complexion of Mr Wang stands change, she throws house property card furiously to say on the ground " I just am true house-owner! " subsequently, downstair Mr Wang is called with the phone by the wife, two people twist Mr Huang together send Pan Jiayuan police station.

In police station, mr Huang understands he played a big Wu Long eventually. Original, mr Huang comes out bunco is not a person, he still has a partner to call Gu Xiaodong, leased Mr Wang building by Gu Xiaodong several days ago. After the event, gu Xiaodong says, if be him,appear personally unapt do not know true landlord.

As we have learned, before two false landlord are caught, they in all diddle hires room person 10 times more than yuan 80 thousand, was faced south this year in April area procuratorate in order to be suspected of to sue of crime of fraud. In front courtyard careful, gu Xiaodong and partner all admit guilt, request a court to be sentenced lightly only. Sunny court expresses to adjudicate choose an auspicious day this case.
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