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Sublessor walks along fellow true landlord to chase sublessor of the village in
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On May 13, community of a tall building of stone of spoken parts in an opera of Baoan Ou Fuyong street 77 buildings, 48 hire a guest to discover water stopped in the morning, the report when midday also stopped, a person will say they did not pay rent on later, should 5 to 7 buildings hire a guest to be taken away entirely, do not move with respect to power cut of cut off the water supply. At this moment they just know, this talent is true landlord, close to them before those who hire is sublessor. Sublessor coils now the money takes man, true landlord will urge hire. Current, building of dweller of the village in Shenzhen city has many it is sublessor is managing, formalities is not perfected mostly, incidental sublessor coils the money goes person, hire guest and the condition that true landlord interest is damaged.

Dozen fold deceive people to be handed in more for the name hire

Introduce according to renting settle or live in a strange places, they just go to blessing at the beginning of April mostly always, applying for a job, rent a house very hurried. At that time, whole room is stuck 45 let advertisement, the phone is man of one yellow surname above, he lives in this building 5 buildings, the room still is being stuck " the connection that rent a house is in " , signing is landlord is opened. Cash pledge and the first lunar rent were paid after everybody values a room, take receipt, also Huang Mou gives the key, lived so a many month.

Began on May 8, huang Mou is a requirement tenement to pay rent to June with convenient managing, say to want to hand in 3 months above to be able to give only 9 lose privilege, had a few people to hand in half an year to hire, other hand in to June, calculate on cash pledge, 48 altogether that rent a settle or live in a strange place were received nearly 60 thousand yuan. Just discover now, huang Mou closes ahead of schedule hire have plot beforehand early.

On May 13, everybody discovers water and electricity stopped, someone goes looking for Huang Mou, discover its room nobody, the phone also is hit be illogical. The real landlord article gentleman when midday comes over, say to did not get rent, requirement 5 to 7 buildings hire a guest to be taken away completely, otherwise with respect to power cut of cut off the water supply. Hire guests to agree to take away, but requirement recapture cash pledge and the rent that pay more, be rejected by article gentleman.

Introduce according to article gentleman, 5 to 7 buildings it is he contracts of Mr Huang, two people autograph has a contract, accepted a few deposit only at that time, oneself confiscate even the hire April, he also is 13 days of ability know Huang Mou ran, oneself also are a victim, cannot bear the loss that rents a settle or live in a strange place.

Room of the villager in the city contracts more others

The reporter always is mixed in blessing civilian treat street understanding to arrive, of building of dweller of the village in major city rent and managing is not him landlord, it is to contract to manage to sublessor more very. Mr Sun contracted civilian treat Dong Quanxin village a rented house, introduce according to its, before the contractor carries the business of chummage abscond two years, happen from time to tome, the situation takes a favourable turn somewhat now. The desert that carry a money nothing more than two kinds of circumstances: One kind is star-crossed, the house is rental the price under oneself bear hire valence, ; of every wane money presses a decision that making kite to come another kind, no matter landlord is put,have some of person hire the price to have much taller metropolis next, often taking lodger half an year finally even hire of a year ran, bunco can get tens of thousands of yuan at least. $page$
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