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My wife pays back the Gong Xing that rent a house to give a wall already was 2 m
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Pour out a person: Zhu Fanglin, male, 40 years old, individual business owner

Time: On August 8 afternoon 3 when

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In a this many month, what Zhu Fanglin thinks at most is, wife takes the advantage of him to be away on official business outer space and other man are together dirty scene. He feels disgusting, wish to leave her immediately.

Considering still going up the son of elementary school, and the 2nd marriage that this is oneself, he cannot issue this determination. But on the spot wanting change goes down too, he is not done again. "Did not think of life is so painful. " the smiling expression that Zhu Fanglin allows the pile on the face as far as possible, uglier than crying however.

The friend tells me " sad news of the death "

On July 8 afternoon 3 when 10 minutes, I what be away on official business outerly receive the friend's telephone call. He is mysterious, mood is a bit strange, complete unlike the style that he talks at ordinary times.

"I am reasonable work college there see elder brother's wife is mixed... her abductor! "I am reasonable work college there see elder brother's wife is mixed... her abductor!!

This word has a problem, we did not come and go to already had a lot of years with her a married woman's parents' home, she looks for her elder brother impossibly. I am not had temporarily language, waiting for a friend to continue to say.

"Do they look for your son to the Internet bar? " I still do not have there's still time to deny, friend next if within an inch of frightens me dizzy: "Incorrect, that man unlike is the abductor of elder brother's wife, they enter a public house, do not know to go room? Do not know to go room??

Day, my afraidest thing still happened. I am not at ease to her previously, suspect she has been done I am sorry my thing, this her deformed act was seen!

Although very furious, but of heart or fluster. I decide the same night hurrieds back at once Wuhan. According to the journey, I can be in morrow in the morning 6 when in returning the home, but the accident went out in long-distance car route, was delayed 4 many hours. $page$

See me suddenly, wife Huang Li is flurried good a long time. After having Mian overnight, I am a lot of soberer, but special exhaustion.

I pretend as if nothing happened, look her up and down carefully in the dark, she is a little nervous, I say: "I accompany you one day in the home today. " she " oh " .

After eating lunch, I say to Huang Li: "Handle machine is used to me. " what I use is nonlocal date, make this locality telephone call not be to one's profit. She says the mobile phone drinks water, cannot switch on the mobile phone.

I say to let me look, may foster cordial relations between states quite. She is very loath, but still gave me finally the mobile phone. So she closes machine.

I am opened, skip at a draught in her mobile phone give two short messages: "Wanted to have an accident, my wife knew our thing. " " she can look for you for certain, you had better go out to hide a few days, lest produces unpleasant thing. Lest produces unpleasant thing..
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