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Hire room guide: Hide inside wedding day buy room other one party to have right
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Hide inside wedding day buy room other one party to have authority claim for compensation

Reader prevent young lady: I am preparing to divorce, I think with me maternal name buys a house now. Whether to want to ask I do the belongings when can you avoiding to divorce to break up so?

Gold building city: Guangdong promotes attorney office Zhang Maorong's lawyer to think n cultivated land, the house property that buys inside marriage of husband and wife, belong to both sides to share have. If prevent the young lady falls in marital unwitting circumstance, privately gives money to buy house property, handle house property card with the name of own mother, hide move intentionally namely common property. When the divorce, if the husband has evidence to prove prevent the young lady is contributive during marriage buy this house property, so the husband has authority to want to answer prevent the half of the money that young lady place gives, total even money.

Announce of Zhang Rui of our newspaper reporter

Content also should be handed in to run cost during rectifying and reform

Reader plum gentleman: The village before a month reachs a floor, I see metope has many to handle dehiscent fruit, the requirement was made clear to rectify and reform in confirmation of join the gang, but development business still says to had wanted a few talents to rectify and reform now, cause me to cannot enter tardy decorate, do excuse me I want this paragraph of time pay property administration fee?

Gold building city: Other people of beautiful million industry is in charge of (Shenzhen) Chen Nan of limited company vise general manager thinks, property administration fee begins of the day from join the gang to calculate the following day case, and " the day of join the gang " those who point to is the time reaching a floor that the agreement unites on advice note of join the gang. Want to develop business to reach a floor according to conventional time only, property administration fee should be handed in on time, no matter owner has,deny enter actually.

Because building quality problem causes owner to cannot be entered, want to see confirmation of join the gang whether the agreement rectifies and reform time above all, if have,develop business exceed the time limit, criterion the property administration fee that owner can negotiate a requirement to develop business generation to meet this paragraph of time, but do not have anyhow from this the sense that refus makes content run cost.