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Lease expires landlord wants begin school of school of relet run by the local pe
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After attending a class a long time, the school closed. Yesterday, area of Wuhan thing lake sheds fragrant school to get together full student parent, they are afraid, which will the child read henceforth? This area teachs bureau respect to express, billabong plan has come on stage.

Shedding fragrant school is a school of run by the local people. Yesterday afternoon 3 when, reporter spot sees, the school is very confused; parents teach the leadership of the bureau round the school and area, why should the inquiry close, children read which in the future.

President Peng of this school introduces, this school already open 12 years, source of student basically is children of foreign flow personnel, existing in school student 278 people, its middle and primary school arrives 6 grade 132 people, arrive first first 3 grade 146 people. School building is leased from company of area tap water, lease arrives this year the end of the year. But at the beginning of this year, landlord put forward to let the demand that school change gives. During summer vacation, landlord lends some to drive campus playground school use a half moon, but after term begins, drive school still drill in the playground car.

President Peng says, this affected school safety badly, classics and area education bureau talk things over, the decision closes immediately, billabong student.

When interviewing, parents close suddenly to the school express to indissoluble: During summer vacation, the school has the time of two months to coordinate each relation, even if result is very bad, also answer to be informed earlier, good let them look for the school to be read for the child earlier.

"Sign up now pay cost still is less than a week, want suddenly to close, delay the child's study. " the most anxious is first 3 grade the parent of 47 students, in be about to be faced with because of their child, take an examination of, the misfortune of arise suddenly, honest to the influence of child learning too big.

The spot of Pan deputy director general that run by the local people of be assigned personal responsibility for of bureau of education of thing lake area teachs tells parents, at present definite billabong plan is, elementary school the class of 6 grade weaves will not answer existence, existing pupil the means with nearby enter a school, billabong arrives thing lake area one small to 5 small wait for 5 elementary school. And junior high school the student of 3 grade, center this area 5 in read. Before midday, new class desk and chair has reached the designated position.