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The lease that sign a holiday performs a two-man act play desire bully fraud of
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Autograph false contract performs a two-man act play desire bully the house property that be patted

Strike the table is amazed

Area of a the Milky way the house of the 150 square of heartland, the month is hired want 150 yuan only, still hire with respect to 20 years. But so cheap hire, bear the firm that hire still is procrastinating not to give. Both sides is troubled by on after the court, be known to wear by the court this is a former defendant collude with the contract that sign a holiday, the purpose takes up by the false suit of auction house.

Look like the average issue that rent

Court of district of Guangzhou city the Milky way accepted a property to rent lawsuit recently. Company of Guangzhou some estate (the following abbreviation " A company " ) sue another company (the following abbreviation " B company " ) , say both sides was signed on January 1, 2006 " property rents a contract " , a company area of the Milky way member the house property that the one place area of the road of weather government office near the village is 150 much square metre hires B firm, the month hires 150 yuan, lease is 20 years. But B company was not handed in again since January 2007 hire, a company the same year sent the letter that urge a fund in June, but B company ignore, already defaulted 8 months hire up to now, aggregate 1200 yuan. Court of A company appeal affirms " property rents a contract " effective, ask the accused pays the rent that default instantly.

However, the accuser expression in front courtyard careful is very doubtful. A company shows experience case property first other already case is closed down by the court, but express to be opposite in note again this not know the inside story. When when the court requirement both sides makes logical explanation to so low rent, a company says both sides attributes friendly collaboration significance, property of case of the experience when the autograph is made an appointment with empty buy, low is so rental. Result, the court maintains this lawsuit to be bogus evidence for contract of case of false suit, experience, punish 20 thousand yuan each to former defendant.

Odd contract fact is false testimony

How is this to return a responsibility? The reporter interviewed the agency judge of court of district of the Milky way a few days ago. The judge tells a reporter, experience case contract sees the character that accords with the contract that rent from formally, the accused also did not disagree to the effectiveness of the contract, if nonexistent other illegal state, the court should support the prosecution of accuser A company.

But already was closed down as a result of this house property, and of this contract sign date before closing down. If the court affirms this contract is active, basis " buying and selling is not broken rent " legal principle, new owner also can continue to fulfil a contract only. That is to say, although house property is auctioned, will still be taken up be close to 20 years by A company actually.
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