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From hire a room to live eventually to the word that buys house good man to list
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Before buying a house, actually we also are have room door, although have a house only, or " unitive door " , but anyhow toilet, faucet is in the home, compared with carry how many water to carry go out for the bungalow of how many water, already very pretty good. So, wife puts forward to want loan to buy a house at that time, I am anyway does not agree.

Wife places factual preach to manage with me: It is a son bigger and bigger, the place that learns even him in the home also is done not have, and the child already 5 years old many, still squeeze on the bed with a piece of 4 broad rule with us. The treasure that the son is our home, this treasure Becquerel anyhow also cannot treat unfairly; 2 it is a toilet it is public, wife wants to bathe of what, can arrive only the common common bathing pool outside, the contagion so much outside now, in case be infected to go up what, much worse; 3 it is the following trend it is oneself buy a house, buy evening early, it is to should be bought anyway, buy late with its, be inferior to before it is too late; 4 it is how to occupy ability happy industry, live not at ease, how can you live very happily too again?

Listen to wife so one analysis, I feel to also have really so little truth, together with parents also stands in wife beyond, I also began to become loose with respect to not quite firm position originally then. I say with wife, it is OK also to should be bought, we first assemble a few years of money, assemble waiting for money is gotten about the same, we am borrowed again less a bit, row not? The head that which tell wife shakes so that follow rattle-drum like: The speed of assemble money follows forever not of main rooms price go up, wait for your assemble to go to 100 thousand yuan, the house is early 200 thousand yuan. If rely on assemble money to buy a house, be afraid I this must live with you all one's life " unitive door " ! I also know this truth, there can be 40 thousand yuan only in the hand, go buying 200 thousand yuan house, carry these ten yuan debt on the back, where day is build!

Wife looks me to feel to have the door in the be anxious on money only, strike while iron is hot then, the almost everyday bedside in me is blowy. Say to think bought new building foundation has been hit today, house price also has been compared original when every square metre went up 200 yuan, will say to value again tomorrow door model had done not have, will tell me good floor again the day after tomorrow also already scare buying one sky... via living wife almost everyday nag, I promised her requirement eventually. We see a room, choose a room, hand in head pay, handle loan, ten days give the major issue that this buys a house did.

Wife is glad, I can make anxious. Borrowed 120 thousand yuan in all, should arrive fast the ability when 50 years old is paid off, and the son just is about to read an university in those days... alas! Want to also do not have the courage to think.

But wife however not take to heart, spend the Qian Yuan tomorrow today's dream, we are young still now, what does this bit of loan calculate, have bit of pressure besides, we still can struggle with greater efforts. Buy the wife after the room, like the princess that follows a joy every day, do not look to give the anxiety after loan at all.
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