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Abroad need not rent a house again I am married ignorantly however the husband o
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I like to experience different life in the story of others. Because make much time, I become aware to more life experience understand in the he are OK really story from others, comprehend more mixed person bearer that oneself never understand to go to, in other story, touch, painful, also be a kind of wonderful life experience.

In exotic an alien land, I drop into the happiness that a man braids for me. Cannot think of, in the end, all decoy that are a dreariness only...

High-heeled shoes is bungled piece flexibly Lang Jun

2000, my the university entrance exam fails. Father worries about my future, look for kin collect neat 70 thousand money, send Singapore to study abroad me through intermediary. On October 19, I fly to Singapore. Although be in foreign land, but Chinese everywhere is visible, add say mandarin can communicate with the person, I do not feel unfamiliar. I take an exam smoothly through preparatory class, be privatelied run the university is admitted. Go two years again in an instant, I got used to the climate here, regard this seaside country as idealist garden. Father persuades me to go back to the motherland obtain employment, my ignore, obstinate ground stays.

I move the school, hire valence grid in, with a lot of float swim a group of things with common features same, give evening early to put in the ground 's charge to apply for a job everyday. Can be in this a tiny area, obtain employment originally nervous already, add my second-class institute diploma, should find proper job extremely difficult. Return dispatch period day to be approached more soon, my mood is fretted rise.

The 7th interview, I failed again. I answer a dormitory decadently, when taking the door, shoe of unmindful ground kick off, high-heeled shoes lay off a arc, outside was being swung to give a window unexpectedly...

I close the door, drive next buildings hastily. The one screen before makes me blank live----On flat, lying one inferior descendants man, high-heeled shoes is inclined place forwardly, be apart from his head to be less than 10 centimeter. does my high-heeled shoes break him dead? I think alarmedly, the shriek rises: "The dead, help! " the cry did not speak surround the person that watch, make a noise him instead woke. His raise hand presses a head, hard station is straight, goggle at I, for a long time just says: "Girl, need not cry, I do not have a thing. " before I rush, slow-witted slow-witted ground picks up a high-heeled shoes, happy pole and sob. He dabbed my shoulder, talk about again and again wears: "Do not have a thing. "Do not have a thing..

such, knew Tao Qian, from Fujian immigrant goes to the bachelor of Singapore 10 years ago. Taking the move that suffer a pain, I send gauze, disinfection medicine, he touchs the ground to handhold my hand, must ask me to eat Japanese arrange.

Sip is worn wave Er much red wine, sampling delicious 3 article fish, I am strong nerve asks: "Why be opposite am I so polite? " he smiles, just look at me affectionately. Perhaps be to be far from close affection too long, I regard him as between moment the closest person, pour out an experience that should be forced to return a country.
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