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The grief that rent a house my good man is hired by the girl marriage arrives at
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★ loves you to leave you so

I and Lin Dong divorced. The friend all round does not have a person not to scold me foolish, you cannot a bit more good-tempered? Cannot be borne? Work must a muscle ah you?

I cried. How can they understand, I leave Lin Dong, love him because of me just about. I can be mixed deal of land of his work from dawn to night, a bottle of cold boiled water is drunk in all on the road of replenish onr's stock, gnaw; of a sesame seed cake in all even, when others should take a knife to chop him, I can rush forward to protecting him euqally like the hen... but, I am flagrant he has other woman.

Lin Dong is a good man, he works hard-working, humanness sincerity is kind-hearted, wonderful all the time also to me, he is mariner when our love, every time is detached loath to part from each other. We are good later was together not easily, I am become booking clerk, everyday before dawn went out at 4 o'clock go to work, he got up to cook breakfast for me at 3 o'clock in the middle of the night, issue the winter of heavy snow, he is riding a bicycle to send me to go unit, in the sort of harships depend on each other I also won't forget forever.

Again later, to go straight towards well-off, his abdication deal, say to should give me best life. Now, best life had, I am like however face abyss -- , the well-off that he gave me materially, the well-off on spirit went backwards however poor.

After the business has been done, lin Dong persuaded me not to work, I listened to him. Stay in the home namely, I and child everyday dinner also is Lin Dong come back to be done to us. Accompany our woman for how two, he is very few outside dinner party. Look at beside the marital tragicomedy that performs everyday, I rejoice secretly oneself lucky. So, when one day Lin Dong is innocently of purpose by the side of my ear say, a woman likes him, when wanting to be together with him, I still think he is joking.

Until one day, he calls that Gong Gong's girl, animated region arrived my before... $page$

The meeting of ★ and marital lover

The Wu Lindong below that day calls say, do you still remember last do I give you that saying thing? Red red infer sees you! I one Jing, have this person really? What to see I am done? "You talk with her, she often looks for lest I am troubled by! She often looks for lest I am troubled by!!

Me Jing is afraid of again curious, hope husband this is in embarrass me, want unlike, is it possible that does Lin Dong have a woman really outside?

All the time when dusk rise from all directions, lin Dongcai comes. See that clothing is fashionable girl beside him, I become aware twice only nigrescent, her dress is fire same red, resemble her delicate and charming youth. I became mad was like the ground to run out, lin Dong cries at the back, "Cheng Yu, cheng Yu! " our love when, he also is so cry, but now, there was other woman beside him.
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