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Suffer all kinds of sheet of cohabitational torment it is a long story to hire g
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The 3rd this has been me " cohabitational person " , I am searching the next now. Bite him gnash one's teeth otherwise sheet hires to also go, saving a flower at most. Why? It is a long story.

Go to work I come out with respect to oneself. My Mom too chatter, ear origin is not quiet, with company staff then small A looked for together. Inchoate moment still calculates quiet, I also do not know small A is so much friend, can pass before long lively. Say to come off work not to see her sign, in the evening 11, still taking at 2 o'clock some do not know where comer to come back Party, do one room is noisily. Good be asleep not easily to be made a noise to wake again. I have originally neurasthenic, which withstand this do sth over and over again? Lived 3 months hurry substitution.

Small B introduces through intermediary company, wear the look with a very gentle glasses. I am wanting this to agree to will surely sleep smooth and steady became aware.

My this person has a habit, like to rise in the morning bathe. I just left to see small B rushs to ask me from house in the morning that day: "Do you work? " I say, bathe. She a pair of very amazed model says: "Does become known day bathe? You dry what job is night? " do so that I find both funny and annoying. From I always feel to be like her after this monitoring I am same, want me only here one have activity she allows a gangmaster to extend will look, occasionally the friend plays, what is after going, she chasing after me to ask that the person works? A few years old? Will look for me what to thing there is? ... let me hold out hair bone alarm like that. Do you say to still dare live with her?

This small C is more disastrous. Do you say I do not have bad luck? These things let me give completely touch went up. (She is be indignant very, sound also rose greatly. ) this house is my friend, original come to an agreement or understanding is follow another person to close hire, but the news that where doesn't small C know to come pesters work to pester the ground to want my friend to lease the building to her to death, my friend by her so irritated that do not have method be forced to agree. Let her live to calculate pretty good, she is insatiable still, just forcing my friend calculated 50 money chummage less. Are 50 money able now what?

Since live together with her, but my computational ability is strengthened greatly! Others follows previously " live together " , water charge of electricity is smooth booth of every months of two people. Can calculate with small C not clear, she calculates with the hour. Do not know how she is to be summarized really me is every month more multi-purpose than her 3 tons of 25 degrees of report, water?

Still having is electric telephone bill. After every month paid fee, she should make list, every telephone call that wherewith small calculator makes her adds up one by one, subtract with gross her telephone bill lets me give how many money again. Is hemp irritated? Stranger is I call money always OK, she locks up the long distance call unexpectedly do not let use, still speak plausibly and at length does the ground say in case don't I admit how to go back on his word to do on her head? Am I satiate those who maintain? Cheat you this long-distance telephone bill? The kongfu of this stingy is too excellent also. (I also can'ted help laughing. (I also can'ted help laughing..
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