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The husband has flatlet to had changed different lover to live I and child what
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For him, I chose luxurious happiness to abandon parents

I and He Dan (alias) be parental introduction understanding, we are friendship spanning for generations two. He Dan is bigger than me 4 years old, after his university graduates, stay in Shenyang, bilateral parents feels I two quite suit, with respect to the introduction we were known.

I see He Dan the first times, feel he is the man of the sort of quite responsible feeling. In get along in the process, he also is to me very caress, it is my consider everywhere, always letting me. Although I know he is very good to me, can be in my heart he more resemble an eldest brother elder brother.

When attending their company to travel I knew Li Heng (alias) , he is He Dan's colleague, also be very the brother that be close friends. I am right at that time he also feeling of it doesn't matter, see him namely very extroversion, quite humorous, total love and I am joking.

After coming back, he has made a telephone call a few times to me, make an appointment with me to go out to have a meal even, was rejected by me, it is not quite good that I feel the contact became much. Did not think of he launchs love offensive boldly to me actually, when commuting late everyday, defend in my unit doorway, let spend inn to send a rose to me every day. Li Heng's family circumstances is very good, his parents is those who do business is very rich, marry used room and car give him early provision became good. He Dan's family financial situation is general, he relied on his struggling loan to buy a house.

The likelihood is I adore vanity quite, gradually I begin to accept Li Heng, occasionally he drives in the evening receive me to have a meal, sing. This thing was discovered very quickly by He Dan, he and Li Heng were broken thoroughly, li Heng left a company for this abdication, with him pa Mom did business together.

Meanwhile, my pa Mom also knew our thing, it is to advise in earnest at the beginning the ground persuades me, look at me not to let I and Li Heng interact later, because be in their heart,He Dan is best husband person selected, they think Li Heng is too flirtatious.

I am very capricious also in those days, move there Li Heng to live together with him simply. Parents sees cannot be in charge of me, if I choose Li Heng's word,tell me, they break off contact with me, what also won't attend me is bridal. I chose Li Heng none hesitantly, look in me everything what Li Heng can want to me.

I and Li Heng held grand wedding, ran 80 much desks, it is the kin of Li Heng's parents and friend. My pa Mom did not attend my wedding, also do not have the blessing of my home kin, only my classmate and staff came, the compere on wedding pretends my home here already fete passed, I feel very lose, can think of I and Li Heng are about to begin happy life, become contented in my heart rise.

My vanity opened a big joke with me, I was abandoned

Doing not have those who think of is, after marrying, he exchanged another pair of look, let me fall into painful deep from happy peak for an instant.
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