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The career for the husband I am tearful gave the body other man
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I want to say the real story of a myself, these matters also can say here only, speak out to feel to be than covering tightly in the heart feel better. People describes a woman beautiful the belle that says she is one in hundred, I can calculate going up is 10 thousand lis carry the highest grade woman of one, my fine-looking, temperament rudes to star at an any movie and TV, make the countless men that chase me lose self-confidence, flinch, can treat me as only the lover in the dream.

I and husband are college fellow student, requirement of his each field is very outstanding. After the university graduates, we arrived together this city, did the white-collar of envy making a person, before long we married, there was a lovely daughter again after a year, my husband abdication does the company that had his, through a few years struggle, the company already took shape, we also occupy high-grade wealthy person area. My effort with oneself and talent, became this city the sectional manager of hotel of class of a 4 stars. We are really plain sailing, future is like bright and beautiful. We became classmate and friend envy and envious target.

I feel really extremely happy, I already 28 years old, the figure does not have much about-face, it is more only the sexy glamour with a peculiar young married woman. The figure is more round, line is more beautiful, allow all men that see me covet 3 feet, but I never give anybody the chance, I withstood countless times the temptation of authority and money, never jump over Lei Chi half pace.

Person lifetime cannot be plain sailing, this year, my husband because a few gross decision-making error, make major fund bedding bag firm, the company is immersed in bankrupt brim as a result of devoid circulating fund, we one cave in entered hot water. Once the company goes bankrupt, we not only can penniless and still can be in debt. I feel the day wants to collapse quickly came down, I dare not imagine its result, this is too terrible. I love my man very much, see the figure with marital gaunt with each passing day, cannot bear again the heart blames him, I feel distressed already sad.

Feel in us when have no way out, the opportunity came, our company follows company of a foreign capital preliminary concluded brushstroke trade, once make it, we walked out of predicament thoroughly. But capital of this need brushstroke, this capital number is astronomical simply to us. Only way seeks the partner with abundant actual strength namely. Through the effort of each respect, we and this city has actual strength day most grand group is initial reached cooperative intent, you Tianhong the group invests this capital, the profit after the thing is become is divided into.

Want initial contract immediately, produced the change that expect is less than however at this moment, tian Hong group gets the investment project with a bigger gain again, extremely possible meeting ends the cooperation with us, this is sunshine thunderbolt simply to us, this collaboration is told to us is leisurely of life and death close, the president that wants to change the method that is to say with only aspect to take us changes a mind, deliver fund to us, but this easier said than done, commerce is very brutal, gainful, it is not to tell emotive.
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