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The leader hires a room to live for kin depressed landlord did not go up 4 years
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Cloud top cloud: Hey, I this landlord, become really quite depressed.

The happiness of bubble surface (group advocate) : Oh, the lodger that what pesters hard to encounter?

Cloud top cloud: Haw, not be lodger tangles hard, hire the person of the house to me however, it is our leader hey.

The happiness of bubble surface: Does your leader hire the house of your home to live?

Cloud top cloud: Either, he appears personally to be hired for his kin. Present problem is, come 4 years chummage had not gone up all the time, qing Chunlu the one room there door, it is all the time 700 yuan a month...

The happiness of bubble surface: Nice a sector of an area, now one room of one hall, also wanted 1000 yuan many at least?

Cloud top cloud: Be, I saw someone else go up chummage, but the meaning that my leader also did not have this respect. I myself live in city north now, the kin of his home I not very understanding, basically be the leader follows my contact with. He comes to my office every year twice, illuminate at the outset the price, give me the chummage of half an year.

The happiness of bubble surface: You want to add chummage, but how to know to open this is the mouth?

Cloud top cloud: Be, early know to ought not to be in the office at the outset shout, say " who wants to hire, who wants to hire " , the result is hired by the leader, if other staff, carry a few jokingly, can go up for certain a bit. I often am scolded by wife now, white loss of spoken parts in an opera so much money, also did not see what the leader has to me additional keep an eye on.

The happiness of bubble surface: Then you seek an opportunity " touch " to the leader, carry with him innocently of purpose now the circumstance of whole that rent a house, he should the meaning that can understand you.

Cloud top cloud: The leader is in a building, come to what turn here rarely.

Rape: Since such, you say with the leader, the kin of your home should come to Hangzhou, do not have a place to live, the means of your parents vacates that building, such you rent other lodger lives.

Once I: I feel the most reliable method is, after you come off work, go looking for your lodger, pretending is transient come up look. Come out area of this hire issue next, reach with him consistent, you are communicated twice directly, your leader comes steer clear of do. The loss before calculated, next time chummage gives directly you went.