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Hire room person simply to lead a wandering life to also be met in new city life
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I can speak the story that speaks of to rent a house one a large bamboo or wicker basket, a lot of people that see the story that rent a house like to see others the sodden thing of the Eight Diagrams of and so on of what extramarital love. I do not have so special issue, it is a simple student, a simple person that rent a house.

Actually the student leases a building, occasionally more difficult, want to consider a sector of an area, want to be apart from the school nearly a bit, but learn the chummage inside the area to arrive high mostly the sky, add students mostly " poor " be no good, in the times that house price also is less than quite quite now, a house owned by a citizen became the first selection of most student.

I once had thought of to look for intermediary before, looked for several intermediary nevertheless, do not have oneself wanted house, actually we to every time the cost seeing a room of 20 money also is very of dispute, if the house is appropriate, do not have complaint naturally, but a lot of moment, circumstance often we think unlike in that way.

I and classmate ever took a fancy to a house that intermediary releases on search room net, what write above is very clear be being written is to be near our school, saying well and truly is not around, was equivalent to giving school door to arrive home the sort of, and the price is very good also, 3 rooms the house of one hall, 900 yuan, extraordinary be to one's profit is in present room learning an area. I see a room with this intermediary agreement at once, just... the sign that did not see intermediary personnel in conventional place, feel puzzled make a telephone call, just know the house is not that position that they keep at all, leave a hostel with very far school however. The experience seeing a room that fails, let me produce an awe-stricken move to seeking a room from intermediary from the heart, also go rarely now intermediary looked, still in one day is bitten by the snake " sequela " .

Without good room cause, want to look for cheaper house again, for brief stable, how is the first my home in this city temporarily in a house owned by a citizen, house-owner is a pair of emeritus old people, very kind. Because,saying the honest building that leases them at first is completely of whole small courtyard neat and quiet, and grandfather and grandma (house-owner) , quite " captious " , have a certain number of " do not hire " , say newly-married husband and wife is not hired for example, the person that do not have proper profession is not hired, sweethearts is not hired, the person that love din is not hired etc, the National People's Congress that anyhow stays in now still is student and the youth that just graduate to demand the life in this new city more. There is close grapevine in the courtyard that we hire, twine in half sky, although in the hottest weather, sit below to still can be experienced cool cool breeze, be in even of the seventh evening of the seventh moon return in the evening very the sits below grapevine to waiting to listen to cowboy Girl Weaver private words of the Eight Diagrams. At ordinary times in and out, house-owner grandma always is " baby baby " call us, plus every day carefree kitten, always come off work in you when " mew " call move and you intimate... the day grew gradually, feel unexpectedly from the bottom of the heart, so here returns pretty to have the taste of a home.
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