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Female student studying abroad is become complain Fu and Fu Jiazi to hire a room
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Why does the predestined relationship become female student studying abroad " complain Fu " ?

Girl of a beautiful season studies abroad abroad, because the life provides for oneself,ability is differred, be forced to move outside school to hire a room to live, after knowing male friend of a foreign nationality, live together to it hurriedly. From now on, her of one mind is yearning " it is good to learn well to be inferior to be being married " , discarded school work, be abandoned flintily finally by male friend however. On September 3, the reporter covers this girl, she encounters with oneself carry with age person wake.

It is difficult to study very outstanding life provide for oneself

Xiaohui (alias) this year 24 years old, took an examination of in September 2004 on other place a famous brand university. As a result of as a child coddle since childhood, she lives not dormitory of student of be used to, parents leased a building in outside school, employed baby-sitter to take care of life daily life of Xiaohui.

After a year, small Hui Ping is worn outstanding achievement, be recommended to go to Japan to study abroad. After going abroad, xiaohui was dumbfounded: Oneself won't wash the dress, won't cook, connect fingernail to won't be cut even, what often suffer classmates is derisive, she must abandon cheap student boarding house, run to outside school to hire a room to live secretly. Although study result is very outstanding, but she is met only classroom -- dormitory 2.1 line " gnaw book " , the life passes very as dry as a chiply.

"Want to had learned only, of the others do not worry about, pa Mom is bungled sell iron to also can read an university for you! " in the long distance call, parents tells a daughter.

Look for a Fu Jiazi to leave school to part company again

Before long, xiaohui knew the son of landlord. The other side grows very handsomely, understanding, win heart of small Hui Fang very quickly.

After the love like lightning, cannot sustain is honey-tongued alluring, xiaohui lived together with the boy hurriedly. "You are at ease, I can marry you! " the other side vows solemnly.

From now on, xiaohui removed back and belly not to have the life of care too, lose interest to school work gradually. "Learn well to be inferior to be being married well! " somebody is persuaded. Hiding the truth from family, she was retreated secretly learn, of one mind waits to marry a person.

Things go contrary to one's wishes. Xiaohui discovers sensitively, male friend estranges to oneself gradually. This year May, male friend puts forward formally to part company, compel her to move out rapidly.

Xiaohui was dumbfounded! Hinder at face, she dare not tell parents truth, also can no more return campus. After moving male friendly home, she runs to an a slap-bang shop to wash dish. Worked two days only, because of too dirty too tired, she abandoned. When just when she is spellbound,be at a loss, a man was known when taking the subway. Xiaohui resembles be being caught help straw and same, very fast cast oneself on he.
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