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Who can play the game that hires the man in the room to betray marriage to rise
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Tell about: Tang Xiao, female, 26 years old

Impression: The cardigan of the coffee of pink shirt collocation of V V-neck mouth, natural and optional. Look at her to light a cigarette adroitly, the baby face that follows her extremely unworthily, after moment, twist smoke again extinguish, this answering of balance babyish already was replaced maturely calmly by a kind, that is the trace that years engraves on body of a woman. In the glacial coffee of bone of a cup of icy ooze, we began garrulous long-winded be favored with chat.

Once so happy

Tang Xiao takes the advantage of the leisure of New year holidays to fly to Hong Kong to shop with diehard followers, ramble the business suit that what search goes buying is husband, skin is provided, digital product, even briefs and sock, diehard followers mocks her: "You this small housewife is more and more competent, have one's mind stuffed with is your home Su Jun. " Tang Xiao as before the happiness of one face and contented.

Tang Xiao and Su Jun love two years, marry two years, a pair be express one's admiration making a person all the time, they are each other the first time, also be the other side is exclusive.

Su Jun had the advantage of all new good men not only, and working capability is strong, reside perch personally, go out usually attend a meeting communication, won't forget Tang Xiao to take a gift, pardonable also let follow of ground of Tang Xiao be dead set his job is brought into play, will to Xiamen live.

The Tang Xiao of come back with fruitful results of if it were not for breaks out crank to think Su Jun a surprizing word, probably their happy life still can continue.

The does not go jeans slide fastener of brandish

Go up before machine, tang Xiao receives Su Jun's telephone call, ask her the plan when to come home, she scattered a lie: "Buy too happily I plan to lengthen the journey, just will arrive tomorrow. " Su Jun says just he also has bit of public affairs to want to drive go wading Jin Jiang, should be likely over there pass the night, still enjoin Tang Xiao to play to one's heart's contently, buy happily.

Be informed aforethought to plan bubble soup, tang Xiao can no more be his petty trick be pleased with oneself, come home can disgruntledly alone only.

A person is carrying the thing of packets of big packet to go upstairs, tang Xiaoxin vacates a hand painstakingly to feel the key in the bag, good draw out a key not easily, aiming at in her when the preparation that lock up a mouth is inserted, the door is abrupt from inside left, the person that open the door is Su Jun.

Tang Xiao is astonied, planning ask a question, catch a glimpse of the ground of girl as if nothing happened with a simple and orderly dress sits on the sofa of the sitting room to drink water however.

Tang Xiao demands the result to Su Jun with the eyes, su Jun says, this is honest of new fellow worker.

Chun Chun laughed artificially a bit, atmosphere is unusually awkward, with feminine intuition, tang Xiao feels this issue before is by no means so simple.
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