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The Lu Ruxi this world that if the float in water is young,lives issues the ash
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Preface: Experience different life, experience different life. In the old forest of extravagant nature, the; of intense set off that you can discover deadwood and greenery is in coloured glaze in the urbanism of 10 thousand colour, you also can discover the intense set off like similar deadwood and greenery. Indeed the society is such, the two polarization of the object, the polarization of the life, the two polarization of life, some people confidence is dye-in-the-wood, some people hire; of frustrated of some people hesitation room life is wonderful and rich, some people hire a room to live to float simply. Young Shenzhen, drew a lot of young people, also caused the dream of a lot of youths at the same time. Some people already saw his young way, some people are sighing with emotion young Lu Ruxi this world issues the ash like to fizzle out on the west. It is the allegation with vivid opposite of a this year's graduates below, to hiring the feeling of room life. Allegation begins with the first person.

The onrush; dusk that busy impact of hurry of Xu Yang of early morning prep against goes to work wraps around full exhaustion walks into the street lane with faint light, this is my life of a day. I once was full of to social life expect, I once was full of curiosity to the bizarre and motley of city, at this late hour, my expectation and curiosity are broken. Indeed I resemble every youth same, like to hire the freedom of the room alone, but turn over like that, I can not enjoy the pleasure to the life that rent a house in that way like every youth however. Freedom belongs to him, however joy seems not to belong to his, can a person have we should like to ask what is happy but character? I think: Want joy to have to learn to share, the society searchs to be able to make his worth while share happy person.

I think so all the time: Joy is young capital. Since after-thought in campus that paragraph of freedom, glad, rich lives greatly, I feel although the society is giant, what leave oneself however is however how insignificant; society is in the gain that reduces a youth to grow is big, campus is expanding the gain that a youth grows is big. Gain is big very important really to a person, face the atmosphere with this kind of big gain especially, I think a person is awaited in those days can think of oneself can fly. The ocean can say the true love that is every great person, by the sea of male hero, see wild goose attacks vast sky, seawater rolls, the rich big; that can feel this world is in high mountain, cao Cao Duyin watchs the sea plaint, it is the infuriation of what kind, the feeling of what kind without exception life.

In social haste in walking, I always little not this reflection to life. Emerge in constant feeling the great person's form, envy them constantly the infuriation of that life and gain are big, in envying their life constantly that is distinctive. Distinctive very important really, humanness cannot little oneself that is distinctive, otherwise your life can resemble a small spoondrift among billow river only, become worthless in the sea that enters vast.
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