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Work the men and women is mixed reside cross the boundary illegally of before da
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3 female one male will to Nanchang work from the other place, to save chummage, in the building that the 4 people that each other each other is not acquainted lease one office. A day of before dawn, the girl of 17 years old stroking a city in sleep applies some to feel somebody is taking off her dress suddenly, after sleeping lightly, discover the other side is him unexpectedly " cohabitational roommate " -- man of 30 years old of Guizhou, and he already stripped off jacket.

Young man before dawn is about to go against the law

The girl of 17 years old that stroke a city applies some in Nanchang store of one bittern food works, 18 days of evening work hard as a result of the job, she slept with respect to go to bed early. Before dawn time, soporous she medium feels a pair of hands suddenly to be felt on her body feel, the back-to-back underwear that feels oneself apparently again by person unlock. Apply the one Jing in some heart, goggle the man that sees an upper part of the body is bare only lies beside, oneself underwear has been taken off, she is frightened so that scream on the spot and do all one can struggles rise.

At this moment, the man became flustered god, rise rapidly and in a low voice beg is worn do not cry, apply some ability to discover the other side is the roommate that lives next door oneself at this moment, guizhou man A of 30 years old is smooth. After A Guang leaves, shi Mou is frightened so that also slept to be not worn again, she gets dressed, opening an eye when day break, inn told this matter the nurse inside after going to work, decide to call the police appeal.

New men and women is mixed reside 3 rooms one hall

Receive after reporting a case to the security authorities, before be accompanying applies some, policeman of chopstick alley police station is gone to instantly abode, found light of Guizhou man A, discover two people live in a 3 rooms together in the house of one hall. Original, because Shi Mou, A Guang is the person that the other place works, to save chummage, they and additionally two women live in this house to had had period of time together, but 3 female one male between not familiar however.

A few days ago, two women that live together are brought into play because of the job, move in succession cover a house from this, remained Shi Mou and A Guang only, this offerred very big advantage to A Guang. A day of before dawn, lubricious heart is big A Guang takes the advantage of Shi Mou to sleep soundly, sneak away to be about to go into her room against the law, place favour Shi Mou awakes in time check.

"We discover when field survey, the house environment that Shi Mou hires is poorer, the door of each cell cannot turn over a lock, such men and womens mix the care of can of state of rental room public security of house, we will rent to area under administration in the light of this matter the room undertakes fathering checking. " handle a case the policeman tells a reporter.

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