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Close the old practice that rent a house my situation kisses husband of stoned g
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I want to have a lot of love on the world ought not to exist, no less than my present condition. Before the person, I should do my utmost to hold original position, but I know, I already did not provide my heart. Although I do not have any exorbitant actions up to now to him, but my heart has arrived in disorder washed-up.

This is not a novel, it is reality, and when undertaking. To let calm one static, I apply for to be away on official business, this is me very loath before the thing that do, although be away on official business,allowance is taken, but I am not willing to rush about everywhere. Now, I apply for actively to be away on official business, the leader feels very strange, say to call you to be away on official business before you can refuse with a lot of reason, but now why... I can be told only, want to earn some of money more. Besides this, what can I say? Want me to tell him, I fell in love with the good friend of husband, my heart is very random, want to borrow machine go out Jing Yijing?

Have predestined relationship acquaintance, we close rent same penthouse

Original, my life is very quiet very easy. Two years ago, I graduated, with husband (male still in those days friend) will to this city hit go all out. He learns a skill, the portion searched to work in company of equipment of power of one home appliance, the dormitory was offerred to him in the factory actually, but good to live one case coordinate, we or decision hire a house to live outside. At that time, chummage to strong finish school us, it is the burden is heavier. As it happens, the S of friend of a middle school of husband reads in this city, the as it happens after graduation stays here, rented a two rooms the house of one hall. When giving us give a dinner for a visitor from afar, he suggests we are moved live together, already can contact feeling can partake again chummage. And I still discover amazedly, the girlfriend H of S is I turn when small class hour comes from the other place unexpectedly school is unripe, I two still be the same as desk pass one year, regrettablly she moves later went other city. Be too artful really, we also close together with respect to ground of follow a rational line to do some work well hired.

In the begining, everything is very normal. Everybody is more familiar friend, every day giggle quite good also. Their husband and wife is very good get along, very easy also, although we have difference on a few small habits and customs, but get along very happily, 4 people often cook together shop one case together K song. But problem, it is good in theirs to also go out go up.

S this individual, grow high thin thin, although not be very handsome the sort of, but laugh very congenial, disposition is more special and optimistic. He makes the market in firm of an old ad, very forthright, work regardless of trival matters, with who can " self-invited ripe " , have one pile friend so. His wife H, it is a very pure girl, quite good to the person, the interpreter is done in a foreign enterprise, workplace is further, commute late everyday return the home to want much at 8 o'clock. Although my husband is technical work is done in the factory, but often should be away on official business go debugging equipment, commute at ordinary times time is not stable also.
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