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Welfare hires a room to cannot accede tenant dies to also want to make the room
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More than 10 years ago, the house of Zhengzhou citizen Wang Zhuyun is torn open change, and displacement house needs to hand in 5000 yuan. Pay do not have replacement cost, a when Wang Zhuyun chose bureau of canal of house of golden water district to offer " welfare rents a house " , require pay of indicative sexual intercourse every months only 42 yuan hire, can enter.

In Feburary 2008, live in arrange one community 59 buildings 17 old lady Wang Zhuyun dies. Ms. He is handling 29 years old of granddaughter after the funeral affairs of the old person, receive room of new residential quarter of worker of district of water of Zhengzhou city gold to be in charge of the announcement of place, hired house of 12 years to want to call in. Ms. He says, oneself are Wang Zhuyun's collateral, wang Zhuyun follows to live when more than 10 years old, although was not dealt with,bring up formalities, but with close granddaughter about the same also.

Late on April 28 9 when, after Ms. He returns the home, discovered to a lock is added again on the door. "You control the house, do I live in the evening? " the staff member of room canal place says, had informed Ms. He to take away for many times, but do not pay attention to, can control a house compulsively only now.

That evening 10 when, the room is in charge of the staff member of place to open the door, let Ms. He clear away character of the illicit inside the room to taste.

"We have a house so, tore open change to change welfare to rent a house. " Ms. He says, grandma person went now, how to also lease even the building as heir?

People's Republic of China " contract law " the 234th regulation: Tenant dies during the building is rented, the person that lives jointly before one's death with its can lease this building according to the original contract that rent. Accordingly, ms. He thinks, the contract that rent still has two months to just expire, before the contract did not expire, oneself should have the right to continue to lease a building.


Tenant dies the building must be handed in time

Room of worker new residential quarter is in charge of an assistant director Liu Jian to say, before locking up the door, the person ever was sent to inform Ms. He is moved for many times in place from, but did not get a response, locking up the door is helpless lift. According to the convention, if tenant dies, be about to reach the house time, again by unite in place allocate. Tenant is alive, can rent till the cows come home according to him apiration, but every pass 3 years, want to taking Id to sign the contract that rent afresh in place place.

Liu Jian says, place of canal of room of worker new residential quarter had been taken on March 20 arrange one community to prove about Wang Zhuyun's death, but Ms. He does not wish to move tardy however from.

"I fill now hand in 5000 yuan, can you give my filling flatlet? " Ms. He says, it is to do not have money at the outset, if fill now,went up, can you buy a house?
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