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Rent room safety investigates: Free time is foolish muching can of the king crab
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40 of Duopingmi civilian curtilage, be regarded as the dormitory of 10 employee, the ventilated hidden trouble that discharges type by force to light gas water heater is ignored, after much person of as a result bathes, indoor carbon monoxide gathers, cause murder case. In this incident, landlord, intermediary, company should bear what responsibility each, police still is in further investigation. The unit is employee bear hire a dormitory, whether to have relevant number regulation? To the safe problem of rental room, landlord, lodger how look upon?

Investigate 1: Homogeneous phase of establishment of high-grade residence environment is opposite in safe place: C of village of clear Zhi garden object: Ms. Lin introduces Ms. Lin, the village has a security personnel every to stand sentry downstairs, new face is met by interrogate, classics and owner connection just can be entered inside. Elevator wants owner to brush calorie of ability to be able to be taken, arrive at place to live floor. If be caller, should press in host by twist ability to be able to reach visit floor by elevator.

Last summer, the building report card that Ms. Lin hires does not have report, she thinks after power cut is whole village cuts off the power, should not return a responsibility. In a few minutes, village property is contacted through can inspecting entrance guard and her, whether does the inquiry have gas leak to wait for accident happening in its home, be informed is power cut hind, property personnel just leaves. Classics understanding, each establishment in resident home join with property monitoring photograph, once produce a problem, property can discover instantly, paralell connection fastens owner.

To indoor water heater burning gas, when Ms. Lin is being hired not too understand, also did not put on the heart. Intermediary company staff hints she uses security, checked kitchen burning gas to provide jointly with her wait for establishment with water heater burning gas.

Place: Ze Xiyuan of benefit visitting capital 118 buildings object: Ms. Liu Ms. Liu says, 24 hours of security personnel inside the village are on duty patrol, finish class evening sometimes, see security personnel patrols inside the village, free from anxiety of the feeling in the heart a few. The choice lives here at that time, it is closer from the company, 2 because took a fancy to the environment of the village,be, would rather some more floriferous fund also is willing to be here.

Ms. Liu says, what she values more at first is the environmental safety of the village, wait for establishment to water heater and pay no attention to. "Thinking at that time is water heater, can have what problem, hydro-thermal can bathe to go. What everybody when renting a house, won't ask to be installed in the house is what kind of water heater. " use general knowledge from what a few water heater knew over there the friend later, although light hydro-thermal of gas water heater to get,understanding arrives faster, use convenient, but after be being used for long, can afraid vent-pipe jams wait for a problem.
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