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The building is absent in the person, the person is absent in the building, how
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12 earthquakes of 5 · , mortgage a room to borrow about housing of disaster area individual whether to continue to pay more than to cause discuss extensively.

Silver-colored on May 19 inspect is met " banking is travel of go to work of press conference of aseismatic " providing disaster relief, Agriculture Bank, medium travel, Construction Bank, make assistant president of travel, postal savings bank almost Dou Gang come back from disaster area. Zhu Min of travel assistant president speaks of disaster area in when particular case, for a time sound some choke with sobs, "The building is absent in the person, the person is absent in the building, is the room borrowed how to return? "Because our country still lacks the experience of this respect, so far, chinese people bank just also expresses, this matter still is in research, particular case establishs convention of need union international and seismic disaster area concerned policy.

On one hand, according to international convention, usurer needs to repay lawfully remaining sum, if do not pay remaining sum, will be written down undesirable credence record, activity of the following to usurer economy produces negative effect; On the other hand, because our country does not have precedent, many people think, house pours a person to die to still need reimbursement is very cruel thing.

Loan of disaster area of commercial bank cancel after verification needs to consider to be absent in the person about building of " of seismic disaster area as a whole, the reimbursement problem that the person does not borrow money this kind in " in the building, zhu Min says: "Showing level is the process that understands a situation, proper delay, do not close punish breath, do not write down individual credence to record, because information is not complete also, it is a process that postpone only at present. "The commercial bank serves as appear on the market company, have the policy of the bank, in mortgage loan respect to be able to be opposite the case of each client is particular treat.

Bank and the debt of the person that borrow money concern, from jural say, can be not marred because of the building and remove, the person that borrow money still needs to pay off more than. The building mortgages loan belongs to a kind when consume loan. According to civil code, the person that borrow money and bank take on respectively the part of debtor and creditor, and building property right is the bank extends the gage of the collection when loan; But of gage destroy break do not bring about what concern between debtor and creditor is terminative. Although building total loss, the person that borrow money is accountability also pay off the rest of loan by the month. Because the gage building of loan is already nonexistent, somebody thinks, although the bank calls in,gage also cannot call in what, why to still need reimbursement.

But, if borrow money person still do not borrow, this loan can be delimited for the bank bad Zhang undertakes cancel after verification; For the person that borrow money to this, his bad loan record can be withheld to be in people bank to sign a letter in the system, to this personage economic behavior will have very big effect henceforth.
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