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The street walker is killed after cold-shouldering money of aged lubricious decl
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Because disrelish a street walker " aged color declines " , the requirement retreats go whoring endowment, in man and street walker brawl, throw opposite party repeatedly with kitchen knife 20 knives send his to die. Recently, dongguan quadrangle adjudicates its capital punishment with intended homicide.

As we have learned, zhang Zhijiang this year 23 years old. Last year on September 1 afternoon, zhang Zhijiang looks at Niu Dunzhen in Dongguan city when 4 lane village strolls, produced the opinion that go whoring. Later, zhang Zhijiang rents in 3 alley the building encountered Guilin of street walker Zou 6 numbers.

After two people negotiate, entered the 201 rooms of rental building, but when Zou Guilin received go to bed of 30 yuan of go whoring endowment to wait, zhang Zhijiang disrelishs Zou Guilin " aged color declines " , do not want to concern with Zou Fasheng; Zhang Zhijiang asks Zou withdraws fund, but be rejected by Zou.

Zhang Zhijiang from a penknife is taken to undertake inside the room comminatory, zou Guilin sees shape begins vociferant. Affection of be afraid of getting into trouble discloses, zou Guilin is pulled before Zhang Zhijiang hand takes a penknife to go up, zou Guilin revolts lieutenant general penknife to break off. Then, zhang Zhijiang is mixed from the neck that Guilin of Zou of face of a kitchen knife takes inside the room again the place such as the leg a hackle, until kill Zou Guilin.

After homicide, zhang Zhijiang is in search to arrive from Zou Guilin 35 yuan of cash and a mobile phone, the spot escapes after cleaning partial bloodstain. On September 11, public security personnel seizes Zhang Zhijiang in 10 thousand rivers.

Recently, dongguan quadrangle commits intended homicide with Zhang Zhijiang, adjudicate its capital punishment.