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Hire house to change if water meter ammeter should bury sheet by landlord withou
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Reader incoming telegram: Yesterday, mr Chen mirrors the citizen, he rented an appearance house in some store. The announcement should transform somebody on December 2 road of water, electrical wiring, transform an unit to require cost of collection water, ammeter. He thinks these charge ought not to by rent door assume, reject to pay fee, the result is enforced early in the morning the following day power cut. After till afternoon he pays fee, circuit just puts through afresh. He looked for landlord, and landlord says to transform expense is to be handed in temporarily, be equal at hiring room cash pledge. After waiting for the contract that rent a house to expire, if hire the water that the user uses, ammeter in good condition nondestructive, what hand in transform charge to be equal at chummage. Does Mr Chen want to know these charge should have him to hand in?

Sectional view: Brace up the Li Qingliang's lawyer of trade attorney office thinks, basis " contract law " regulation, if do not have special agreement, rental establishment and the service such as the building that just is the person that rent to offer, water and electricity should can assure to be used normally. Resemble this kind of condition that Mr Chen says, the person that water and electricity transforms charge to should be offerred by the building is assumed.