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The ease that hires a room to live is comfortable remember a building well to re
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Because the building rents acting place to involve law to concern,be time of continuance of complex, business is longer, the possibility that because this contract carries out the uncertainty element in the process,produces issue is larger. The building party that rent is choosing estate broker orgnaization between two parties recommendation ceases trade after means, sign a building to rent a contract directly by building lessor and tenant.

2 it is building lessor, tenant and the estate broker orgnaization that can be engaged in a building renting acting business (point to sign the generation that rent to receive era to pay the estate broker that entrusts agreement, pay to rent acting bail the orgnaization with nominated bank) when be engaged in a building hiring acting activity, answer to rent the building acting contract and building rent a contract to put on record to nominated bank, through nominated bank era receives era to pay rent, reduce effectively trade risk.

3 it is a building before the party that rent is engaged in a building hiring broker activity with estate broker orgnaization, can examine estate broker orgnaization the fundamental condition, circumstance that be complained and credit archives circumstance, choose the estate broker orgnaization with good credit as far as possible. Before signing a contract, answer to read contract article seriously, through the contract protective oneself closes right increase, the proposal uses contract demonstrative text version.

Building tenant is in before signing a building to rent a contract, should check building right to belong to identity document of lessor of certificate, building and building rental a power of attorney, check entrust attributive and deadline, avoid as far as possible when conventional rent terms of payment one-time the rent that pays to be restricted more for a long time.

4 because management is bad,be orgnaizations of pair of individual estate broker, cause cannot fulfil contract agreement, and both sides cannot come to an agreement, answer to settle civil dispute through judicatory way; Violate to orgnaization of broker of extremely individual estate compasses be engaged in a building renting acting business, later generations of executive economy bilk goes of building sky, answer to report a case to the security authorities to public security mechanism as soon as possible.

5 it is orgnaization of each estate broker should strengthen pair of firm stamp, contract, capital, branch and the management from personnel of course of study, deal with change of manner of address, connection in time to put on record formalities.