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Hire a room to form deposit relation may not to be about times doubler the parag
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I rent a house through intermediary, after valueing one flatlet, I ask the demand that I press in intermediary a week deserves what to require furniture, electric equipment together.

I paid deposit that day 5000 yuan, entire building rent is paid when the agreement makes a room one week later and sign a contract. If the building does not have the requirement that achieves me, the agreement disables and return return my building deposit.

After this, intermediary did not deserve what to want furniture together by the agreement all the time however, although for many times bargaining, but the other side rejects to honor the agreement, make I cannot be entered all the time.

Excuse me, whether does the behavior of intermediary make break a promise? Whether should times doubler return return my place to make building deposit?

Han Yi puts a judge on the ice: Although you and intermediary did not sign the contract that rent, but you and intermediary are preliminary after reaching the intent that rents a house, intermediary accepted 5000 yuan of your deposit, accordingly, deposit contract relationship established between you and intermediary.

After this, you and intermediary are in conclude the negotiation of the contract that rent in the process, your demand the other side was not accepted also did not refuse, accordingly, when your deposit relation holds water, what you carry the configuration plan of furniture, electric equipment, not be both sides has reached consistent contract purpose.

Here, the behavior of intermediary did not make break a promise, accordingly, its need not times doubler return return your deposit, and need to return only return your deposit 5000 yuan can.