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How does office worker hire the personage inside house industry to remind should
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Office worker hires a room to must pay close attention to detail. To office worker character, hire a room to want to choose according to his workplace, numerous place all knows this. In hiring room process actually however, what detail should we pay attention to? The author encountered Mr Sun that is about to rent a house in some intermediary company, disclose according to him, the following should notice when renting a house: Search those who suit oneself to hire room way to make you light relaxed pine rents a house!

1. Treat unjustly a road to avoid to run, waste what office worker inspects to be " money " time. Hire the building intermediary that should choose to have good public praise when the room, before regular intermediary corporation sees a room, do not need to pay any fee.

2. The establishment of service form a complete set of house periphery is all ready, office worker most need to pay close attention to, include around traffic to whether facilitate, have wait for a place without supermarket, bank, hospital.

3. Notice house surroundings is far from city of cafeteria, seafood, Lian Ge as far as possible room and will the noisy place such as the area of construction, lest affect,rest.

4. If be high-level tower, choose as far as possible low do not choose tall, elevator cannot be used when overwork night returns in case.

5. Make clear responsibility. When renting a house, should check to the establishment inside the room careful, if whether door window is normal, next water pipeline are expedite, have without often slack state. Before paying rent, do not forget try out is all sorts of switch, water, report, gas etc, needless trouble appears after lest enter,living.

6. Before signing a building to rent a contract, examine cost of telephone bill of water, gas, report, phone, property to wait whether already settle, lest dummy eats the rhizome of Chinese goldthread in the future.

7. When signing the contract that rent, want to read contract article carefully, want detailed to add an inquiry to ambiguous content, fulfil at literal. Sign in both sides " the building rents a contract " when had better taste the belongings inside house detailed to list a detailed list, as its contract accessory has closed. If appear,make clear damaged, upkeep costs is assumed by who. These seeing be like ordinary detail actually very important.