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How should the person that landlord did not fulfill a contract to rent a house c
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Introduce according to Miss Chen, the house was made clear to match available attune, water heater on the contract, before acceptance is being entered, had installed. But when Miss Chen is entered, there is water heater in the house, air conditioning also is a refrigeration do not make heat. She and landlord bargaining for many times hind, landlord mount of ability general water heater. But to air conditioning be related, say beforehand already signalled the case however intermediary, intermediary did not say to be clear about, not be her responsibility. Then she looked for intermediary again, the accused knows this thing not to put in intermediary 's charge to be in charge of.

"More depressed is room establishment bad, landlord is maintained not in time. Toilet is slack, do not have a law to use at all. The doorsill between the balcony and room is too low, below rain a bit bigger, water is overflowed in past house. Be away on official business last drive fluctuation rain, the Ximengsai that just bought in the home when going back by bleb. " Miss Chen says, urged for many times with the phone, landlord looks for a talent to add the doorsill tall, and toilet still does not have maintenance up to now. Introduce according to her, contact every time, the manner of landlord is very bad, often say a few " other lodger lives to do not have a thing, your occupy comes how so eventful " etc, let her very be overcome.

Seek advice from the lawyer introduction of the hot line according to law, according to " contract law " regulation, the person that the building rents should be offerred to the person that hire lawful, the housing condition that accords with contract provision. Contract of according to of the person that hire, can ask landlord offers corresponding establishment and seasonable maintenance house and its establishment. If landlord is not offerred or do not maintain, can regard breach of contract as conventional behavior, the person that hire can be sued to the court, also can ask to remove the contract that rent a house.

Because sue reconcile to be able to give both sides to bring inconvenience except the contract, the person that Yao lawyer suggests to rent a house, had better solve a problem through negotiating a way, if landlord is not willing to maintain, the person that rent a house is OK oneself look for person maintenance, upkeep costs is assumed by landlord. Although " contract law " formulary landlord should assume reasonable building upkeep costs, but before lodger had better be being maintained, talk things over with landlord, pose needless conflict in order to avoid in the future.