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Hire room guide: When does the attention when renting a house avoid to rent frau
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2008, whether to appear when building city " inflection point " when the buzzing with activity that this one phenomenon is discussed by everybody, the season of graduation also leaves us more and more into, cape jasmine flower is sweet perhaps we had not smelled, but invite applications for a job is met the enthusiastic breath of like a raging fire already very powerful.

Draw near graduation, besides finding oneself good job, the problem that everybody should solve above all is his domiciliary problem, this also is the problem that the parents of ground of different of numerous body house cares most, for everybody's safety, and the rights and interests for can effective him maintenance, I love company of broker of my home estate, regard estate broker as the optimal employer of the industry, in the light of hope with next case everybody can learn a lesson.

The Yu Lan that wants finish school immediately (alias) , found a good job ahead of schedule in Beijing, because draw near,graduate, she found a room through an intermediary ahead of schedule. After seeing a room, although the price of the house is not low, but also be her in place susceptive limits, what make her finally nevertheless enchanted is the configuration in the room. Sweet and loose big bed, beautiful curtain, all sorts of famous brand electric equipment are configured, make she has very much immediately " " feeling, she places immediately the agreement that rents a year. House-owner to let her more comfortable live, the plan sweeps the building again carefully let her be entered again, yu Lan returns a little trivial issue considering the school, bright and clear also agreed. After two days pass, taking the key to open a door when her that momently when, she was dumbfounded immediately.

"" the feeling has alled gone, loose big bed changed bed of shabby single person board, beautiful curtain also does not know " fly " whereto, all famous brand electric equipment also were changed shabby electric equipment. When she is contacted again with landlord at once, those who get is a such words only: "Was the brand of all sorts of configuration made clear in the contract? " .

Look at the contract that oneself sign, this ability discovers Yu Lan oneself ignorance, because close to be worn with the writing with go up clear " bed " , " TV " , " microwave oven one " wait, all did not indicate in detail all sorts of circumstances of configuration.

★ expert reminds:

Because the undergraduate just entered a society, still lack safe consciousness, if be oneself and landlord,do business, must examine all content on contract provision seriously, involve a few charge to partake to wait for a problem with responsibility of breach of contract especially, like Yu Lan this is planted circumstance, must write clear furniture and the type of all sorts of electric equipment, lest owner " change a package " , want an examination to provide electric equipment at the same time whether in good condition nondestructive, otherwise incur " injustice " .
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