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Does day hire Fang Qun to hired a room to become the ground of public security d
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Today, two manage illegally " day rents a house " landlord is detained by Hangzhou police administration. The reason is they become building space small, undertaking to lodger the identity checks with what register effectively the circumstance falls, press sunrise illegally to hire. It is reported, rise now, hangzhou police decides what these cause public security problem time and again to center punish " the ground of dispute " .

Close paragraph time comes, village of residence of Hangzhou city resident " group rent a house " , " day rents a house " phenomenon increasingly grow in quantity. These houses are rented into small a certain number of valuation that press day by space. In these rental rooms, little a 10 more than person live, tens of many people live, be the same as personnel each other to not be acquainted, landlord is not done again to lodger the identity checks and register effectively, then group hired a room to become a few flee hither and thither to commit the crime the ground of the first selection that the element lives, cause theft time and again, rob, fight the public security such as affray violates a case.

Police investigation discovery. These " group rent a house " often internal composition is confused, some is used even be not room of fireproof material space, put in hidden trouble of bigger safety of public security fire control.

In the meantime, as a result of group hire personnel to be mixed without foreword not regular pass in and out, affected the normal life of circumjacent neighbour and safe sense directly, citizen report is strong.

Police expresses, center punish " group rent a house " the action, aim to strengthen the public security management of rental room, discover of all kinds hidden danger in time, build perfect information to register a system. Set henceforth " space is rental room " landlord should sign guarantee of public security responsibility with mechanism of public security of area under administration, information of the member that fulfil tenant registers a system.