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Look lone the path of the economy that a group of things with common features pl
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Lone a group of things with common features deposit point

Single time is 1~5 commonly year, time paragraph the 1~5 that is the job after graduation commonly in year, the characteristic of this paragraph of period is: Average income is relatively inferior, and friend, classmate is much, often meet, still have the case that talks about love, cost is bigger. So the conduct financial transactions of this paragraph of period does not gain profit with investment for the key, and in order to accumulate (capital or experience) give priority to, the measure of conduct financial transactions of this paragraph of period is: Rise in value of asset of → of section money plan plans (the asset rise in value that here is broad sense, have a variety of investment kind, the individual condition that inspects you and calm) → of → lash-up fund purchases housing. The strategic principle is " is accumulated give priority to, gain profit for complementary " . According to this guiding principle we suggest specificly is minute of pace: Put, province, cast.

Put, ask you extract one part to stock bank account in the income with every final month namely, this is your " many a little makes a mickle, the first pace of " of many a little makes a mickle, suggest the income that draws 10%~20% deposits money every months commonly. Of course this scale should be inspected net and life consume cost and decide, but deposit should note order, it is to be put first certainly orderly consume again, after must not was over in the consumption such as every moon base, the rest Qian Zaina is put.

Province, just as its name implies wants namely economic, managing, secure in every months deposit money and needless expense reduces as far as possible besides basic life consumption, the money that comes down surplus is used at deposit money or be being used at investment (or insurance) . See here, a lot of on century the friend of the gens that 779 time are born may feel to be carried out this hard, follow " province " the derogatory sense behavior such as persnickety " of " of " dig or dig out with a finger or sth pointed, " draws equal-sign, actually this kind of knowledge also has deviation.

Cast, deposit and that share capital after securing consumption are secured every months to be able to be used at investment in purify. For instance: Deposit money again, buy insurance, buy a share (or other banking product) , educational attend in a advanced studies. So, the investment that we say here is average capital investment not just, however the floorboard of 3 kinds of devoted means: Insurance is investment of run-of-mill investment, education, devoted.

Run-of-mill investment suggests: Because short-term inside nonexistent marriage or other large fund expenses, can increase the capacity that invests conduct financial transactions more so, accumulate the experience of this respect. But can use every months capital (fixed deposit and basic life consume eliminate) risk of 60% invest in is big, long-term the financial breed;30% such as the stock with higher pay, stock fund or foreign currency, futures chooses fixed deposit, bond or bond fund to wait safer, in order to have untimely needs.
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