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Put in place new regulations would have difficulty renting
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February 1 will be implemented next year, "commodity housing lease management practices" (hereinafter referred to as methods), aroused much public concern. Interviews with reporters today, rent the new regulations, most products that help maintain rental legitimate rights and interests of both parties, but prohibits "rent fight," "base rent" and other regulations, so many of the "fight rent", "group rent "would feel worried and said the trade-related provisions of the new requirements may be difficult to enforce. "Approach" clearly stipulates that rental contract period, the lessor may not arbitrarily raise the rent unilaterally; rental housing, the original design of the room should be minimum rental units, the per capita floor area of not less than renting the local people the minimum standards required by the Government ; kitchen, bathroom, balcony and underground storage for not letting people live. Interview, many renters, especially the "unilateral contract period shall not arbitrarily raise the rent," This provision was welcomed. Wang told reporters renters, with the provisions introduced by the Government, the landlord would have dared to casually future prices, and that they can fight for the. But he also worried that, in the face of strong landlord, this provision would be difficult to really implement "approach does not specify how to deal with rent prices way, there is no clear which department is to manage, if the landlord forced increase in the rent, I do not know to which department to complain. "holdings of the landlords who rented, the price for a great way to prevent views of the rent. With the landlord made it clear that follow the market rent, lease up and not up is the result of both parties, government introduced the policy to interfere, it seems need to over. An industry source said, would be only in the nature of rental housing and other illegal violations of clear standards of management and the penalties for price increases but not the middle of the provisions of the rent, lease means the lack of rights, and ultimately may have to compromise. This reporter learned that, as prices continued to rise in recent years, the rising price of urban housing lease. Downtown area about 60 square two-bedroom houses are rarely less than 1,000 yuan / month, supporting good or even close to 2,000 yuan / month. Control policies in the property market after the release of this year, all the way rent is rising, and the landlord is not an isolated phenomenon temporary price increases. In some colleges and universities around, in some traffic, but also a good supporting villages and peri-urban villages, more and more landlords will be home improvements, press rooms and even beds leased to the University by students, new graduates and migrant workers employed, Rental's personal and property safety is difficult to be protected, but also may form security, fire hazard; number of single renters are also used to lease the entire rental housing one or two to relieve pressure on rents. From the Municipal Bureau of Statistics data show that, as of the end of 2009, the city's per capita housing area of urban residents was 29.4 square meters, and almost all of the "group of rent", their living area and were unable to meet this standard. Analysts believe that the minimum limit of housing rental units, and per capita living area shall not be less than the proposed minimum standards for the government, kitchen, bathroom, balcony and underground storage for not letting people live, which will help protect the security and the living rental comfort, reflect the way human side. However, most "rent fight," "base rent" are more interested in the "fight rent", "base rent" cheap. Live near the University in Jinan, "group rents" life of the university graduates Xiao Han, said that once really let "fight rent", "group rent", you may be under pressure from weakness in high-rent tenants, homeless. In this regard, the industry said, the original intention of the introduction of similar provisions in the natural is good, but also need to take care of "ant" the reality of concern in the current house prices, rents affordable renters than most cases, similar provisions are difficult to continue to implement, "let the kitchen, bathroom, balcony and underground storage rental is also the case for human habitation, compared with that housing is still cheap, many people are willing to rent as a temporary sanctuary, if Without a good supporting policies, the implementation of this provision during the big regulatory challenges will face. "while analysts believe that if the prohibition of" fight rent "," base rent "strictly implement the provisions of this down, pushing up rents in disguise , most of the "fight rent", "group rents" and "ant" is likely to be forced to withdraw from the cities.