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Levy property taxes early next year the fastest will be put into the constructi
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City in the recently introduced "to further strengthen regulation of the real estate market notification" (hereinafter referred to as "Notice"), which requires relevant departments to actively make the city high-end residential property tax levy for work. Concern seems almost certain property taxes. Yesterday a reporter learned from the Municipal Finance Bureau, the city still no specific timetable for the high-end housing taxation. Under the "notice", the preparation of property tax levy is in full swing. "Property tax the time and manner, yet to be approved by the central authorities." Municipal Finance Bureau officials said the city is the first report to the State Council, the New Deal programs of the city property, to obtain approval will be the first time released. Reporter learned from relevant departments, property tax levy time, it may be in early next year. There are two collection methods may be hearsay At present, the specific property taxes levied on the way, a lot of versions circulating. A source close to the design of the said property tax, property tax levy at least two possible ways: One is the per capita area of collection. For example a family with three people, each only has a certain area of the property, in excess of the area, according to area real estate on the excess charge; the other is for the copy number of tax. If a family has more than two sets of real estate, the housing for more than two sets of tax, the amount is based on the actual market value of each property levy. Chongqing Technology and Business University, Shang Kewen tax experts believe that if the Government should ensure 高档房 property tax levy Antao more realistic. Government property in accordance with the price and quality of each set different tax rates, in accordance with the (property assessment of the price - cost) × tax rate levied property taxes, so that better reflect the regulation of the tax. For these "There have been reports", the Municipal Finance Bureau officials said that at present the specific content of the tax is still confidential, inconvenience disclosed. Specific collection methods need to wait for the central approval. Use will be put into the construction of public rental "Government does not levy property taxes to increase revenue, more to regulate the role of the property market." City finance officials said. In fact, property tax is the city's property control only "combined" into step. Regulation by the city's real estate ideas, to form a "low-end secure, in the end of the market, high-binding" of the housing system system. Early this year, according to city planning, and promote the healthy development of the property market "combined", the Government provided protection of public rental housing, low-income people; for high-income, primarily through the sale of real estate market to solve the housing problem. The villas, garden houses a class of high-end housing, will have to be certain constraints. Property tax revenue, the city will be put into the construction of public rental. Meanwhile, the city also adjusted the deed tax rate this year, which provides housing and housing the family's first area of 90 sq m, according to the price of 1% of the transaction the deed tax, and the remaining 1.5% to 3% in accordance with the tax rate. Sales tax generated in the selling, the sale of purchase of less than 5 years 高档房, in accordance with the sales income of 5% levy.高档房 sold more than 5 years, according to (sales revenue - purchase price) × 5% business tax.