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Off-season rental prices average city rent VI 3037 yuan per month
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Jung, Sanyuan Bridge, West ... ... the public benefit the new Miss Lee to find a house for half a month, you told her as long as the monthly rent in these areas is about 2,300 yuan a room hanging out, no one will be set to go. In just the past 11 months, the rental market in Beijing ushered in the end of the season, but statistics from the market has shown a slight decline in trading volume has not brought a decline in rental levels, the city reached the 2934 level of monthly rent yuan / month sets up the chain of 2.07% in October, the city leased six districts were 3037 yuan each month. November rent prices rose 17% According to the Housing statistics agency, in November the city's rental market trading volume fell for 4 consecutive months, the chain is about 2.07% decrease. Rent, the monthly rental price of the off-season hit a new high, reaching 2934 yuan / month units, the chain in October edged up 2% year on year increased by 17.36% over the same period. Among them, the ordinary houses leasing volume fell 2.61% this month from last month, while prices rose 2.12% from last month; high-end rental market chain volume decreased by 1.26%, 4831 yuan / month set the price of the same chain October was up by 0.83%. The view from the transaction area, the city's six districts of the city's total turnover accounted for 78.38% of transactions, the lease price reached 3,037 yuan / month units. Industry sources have told reporters that the past few years from market position, price and volume in November and more homogeneous drop in market rental off-season, but this year in November's performance is somewhat special, although the volume fell slightly again, to raise the rent levels are quietly , especially in rail transport and urban core area along the heat is still active in the lease. Hot money led to rising rents? Market analysts said that the current CPI rent increase was mainly due to the continuing rise in house prices and rents and the linkage between the compensatory growth. In recent years, more than the domestic economy by easing monetary policy, inflation of the overall market performance of the economy. Recovery in exports brought in foreign exchange currency continued super-fat, resulting in excess liquidity in the market, leading to a large number of hedge funds with investment needs. In real estate, the stock market can not effectively absorb the circumstances, funds flock in the real economy of non-traditional assets. This pan of the market performance of assets to owners of rental prices indirectly, has a subtle role in promoting development. In addition, with the urban core areas and reduced rental housing rental hot spot areas, higher quality real estate rental market is being gradually replaced the previous Yigougongfang, leading to the rental price of the upgrade. Rent is expected to decline this month After December, the rental market will continue to turn down the volume. On the one hand, the sale of the impact of market regulation by the policy, some owners will go to rental housing market; the other hand, some customers before the end of lease expiration, will result in some regions of the houses is relatively increased. Rental demand in the fourth quarter of the year is relatively weak, so the rental price and volume are expected in December there will be some decline, but the specific adjustments to the market to changes in demand and supply may be .