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Please alert six scam renters
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Involving multiple districts and counties of Chongqing City, rental, sale and other fraud cases. For these "room cheat," the modus operandi, Municipal Public Security Bureau police information release, reminding people to buy a house, be careful during the holiday rental landlord, "the chickens lay eggs," "virtual house", "marry a room more" fake real estate card room scam involving six. Tricks off the landlord the chickens lay eggs 1 Liar first short-term contract to lease a small housing, and housing ownership certificates forged bogus copy of the landlord, the housing means with a long-term contract sublet to a new tenant, profit from fraud. In addition, the crook also used as bait rented houses, forged real estate license, this house is sold to others. Police advise: before signing the lease contract, the landlord should carefully verify the identity, carefully review the housing ownership certificates and accounts of the original, if necessary, with the original issuing authority for verification. In addition, the landlord should regularly look at their own rental housing and tenant situation. One room for one more trick 2 serial cheat Released through the network more than a liar rental information, will be renting a house while people cheat rent. Police said such fraud as well as "black intermediary version", that is an intermediary company to a monthly lease payment to lease the houses more than a one-time charge for six months or a year rent. Police advise: should be through the formal legal rental housing agency, or consult the business sector to understand the agency credit situation. 3 black intermediary virtual houses tricks Some housing agencies fictitious housing information, information on when the tenant to pay the fee, it is difficult to meet with the homeowner to pay the fee to the intermediary company's information can not be returned. Police advise: If you find that there are intermediary companies in the rental or sale price of housing thrown too low, please be careful, and perhaps this is a seductive trap, must be multi-verification. 4 tricks to buy tight housing trust relationship Unscrupulous people can claim to have bought into the tight relationship between the demolition of housing, etc., and fraud victims to pay the deposit; or simply fake and real estate company name, by false pre-selling low-cost housing contracts, repeat sales, lured the victim signed a purchase contract, or the house has been mortgaged to the bank sold to buyers. Police advise: buying and selling houses to be issued by the trust agreement, real estate license and real estate sales contracts, while also inviting the industry to the land sale of real estate management department for advice to the authenticity of the house, do not easily believe that an oral agreement, not to sign a contract and pay a deposit at random. 5 tricks for a room to sell counterfeit proof Liar more than a set of second-hand housing as bait, respectively, signed a purchase contract with the people, all proved false, but sold to people. Police advise: buy second-hand housing should be more careful, we must find out whether the other houses have sold three certificates and other relevant circumstances. Particularly for housing transfer process has not, remember not to all paying back the principal payments. 6 bugger halfway crime rental scams Criminals the use of rental housing fraud or registered company to rental housing as a base for other criminal activities. Once a police pursuit, immediately bugger. Police advise: property rights in external rental housing, renters do not be tempted by promises of high rental, be sure to verify the identity of renters clearly and carefully check their identity papers, had just signed a rental agreement, while regular guests understand the situation. Once taken in, to preserve the evidence, and timely warning.