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Lodger hires room contract to expire retreat before hiring landlord to want to r
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On August 2 morning 10 when, camphorwood head Miss Tang incoming telegram: I in camphorwood head some village hired an appearance to open a restaurant, undertook decorating to the house before. The contract expires now preparation is retreated hire, but the house that landlord asks my general is decorated however restores former appearance. Is this kind of requirement excuse me reasonable?

When the reporter acts according to wave a gleam of to report Miss Tang rents a house, 22112008 have our newspaper hot line to had been communicated with office of village property government, through the village property government office assents. After the contract expired in July, because the business is bad, miss Tang does not think relet. But property government office says however: "If you should go, must restore to the house unvarnished. " this makes Miss Tang very embarrassed.

Office of government of this village property says: "We are businesses of acting landlord processing only. It is landlord requirement Miss Tang so do, we do not have such requirement. " the reporter asks to contact landlord, but refuse by content tube point: "Press a regulation, we cannot reveal landlord data. We cannot reveal landlord data..

Seek advice to Miss Tang " former appearance restores after the requirement rents storefront is decorated " , the question with whether logical way, the reporter contacts office of Beijing ring rich attorney, got is as follows replying: When Miss Tang is decorated, get agreeing, but whether to want clearly restore in the future? If evidence proves to agree not to restore at that time, need not restore. Otherwise, accountability restore.